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Posted by millikan at 2020-03-20

About how to do in-depth research, many students asked me this question. Although I don't think this skill is special, let's share it.

For example, if I do any research, I will definitely study the personality and experience of relevant figures in the field. The consideration of these clues can make me feel more like a substitute, and then the research process will naturally feel more like a substitute.

Take the blockchain technology of the recent fire as an example.

For example: How did I finally focus on EOS because of security research

EOS, known as the most powerful decentralized application (DAPP) infrastructure. It can be simply understood as: an OS that can run DAPP efficiently:)

Yes, it is a form of blockchain.

At that time (in April last year), I was following up and studying a world-class hacking incident: Shadow brokers stole a large number of network weapons from NSA equation organization in the United States. At that time, I wrote two articles and several warning messages, such as:

Eqgrp-auction-file.tar.xz.gpg file solved

The era of extortion virus

I've noticed that shadow brokers in a community called steeit have posted their updates (exposure and sale of these cyber munitions):

And notice something special on the following page:

For example: stem, stem power, stem dollar, and what about savings and account valuation

These specific details are not mentioned here, but pay attention to the stem token (steem. Io on the official website), another incentive currency. Well... Interesting, this is actually a reward platform based on blockchain, which allows publishers to monetize content and develop communities, such as steemit, a decentralized community

Steemit was founded by BM (@ bytemaster 7), and later noticed that he also made BTS (bit stock, a decentralized exchange), and now EOS is more popular.

It's a good way to get away from regulation and can be very anonymous.

Anonymity is a key entry point for me to study blockchain and the currencies above.

For example, bitcoin, the originator of all these digital currencies, was the most important use for us to hold bitcoin at that time. Later, we learned about the ring signature technology of Monroe coin and zcash's zero knowledge proof, which solved the problem that bitcoin transfer address can be traced, that is, not so anonymous.

That's why shadow brokers are selling these online weapons on the steemit platform. At first, they chose to receive bitcoin, soon changed it to Monroe, and finally changed it to zcash

Why do shadow brokers do this? How do you steal the cyber arms of the world's most powerful intelligence agency, which belongs to the most powerful country in the world, and you want to be famous and earn money? ...

Because I followed up the shadow broker's developments at the first time, I also got a deep understanding of these blockchains and the currencies above.

Money is just money, which is an important incentive. If only that, blockchain is not great enough. It's really great to see on the platform of Ethereum: smart contract, and then possibly more powerful EOS (as for why we add a "possibility" here, it's because everyone works hard, rather than the degradation of standing still, so don't think too much about it).

I'm curious about these new things. I'm interested in the rules of the game derived from these new things. For me, as a hacker, I need to have basic insight into these new things, so that at least I won't be confused by the chaotic surface of the past, the present and the future.

For example, someone asked me what kind of coins I have collected. I have collected many kinds of coins. Of course, I collected all the above mentioned coins as soon as possible, especially those coins that only exist as anonymous currency attribute, or even rely on intuition at the first time.

My collection has its own logic. Do you want me to fry money? No... Why? The reason is very simple, in my collection of currency growth value, speculation is a waste of life

In the early days, I recommended bitcoin, litecoin, Monroe, etc. to people around me, basically playing the piano against the cows, so I didn't want to tell them why I recommended them. Some things are only suitable for those who are at the forefront of the times to play. Most people play the rest of these people.

But this era is changing too fast. Those who first collect the currency representing the future of blockchain technology, such as EOS, are already rich and free, but their efforts are far higher than most people. Why? Because this era is really changing too fast

It's hard for me to say that. As a follower, I hope my thoughts will resonate with you.

Finally, since I have developed the grey robe community, I will continue to do it as an interest. I am very busy, update frequency does not make any guarantee, but for the moment, at least I can continue to operate according to my style.

In the future, in addition to continuing to share our team's security / hacking skills, we will also share some blockchain security research in this "grey robe skills" community. It has not entered the circle as soon as possible, and the possibility of price increase in the future cannot be ruled out; -)

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