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Wang Bin, who has just come here hungry, is facing the most difficult challenge of his peers - to make the response speed of each single risk control within 30 milliseconds.

For Wang Bin, the challenge is like putting millions of threads through the eye of a needle in a blink of an eye. Not only the speed, but also the accuracy of target shooting. If you are hungry, there will be millions of orders in a few minutes, and each order will be accurately identified in 30 milliseconds. More than 30 ms means that the risk control measures are invalid.

Hungry? Risk control & Safety Director Wang Bin

Ten years ago, Wang Bin never thought of going to Party A's enterprise if he was not a customer of ICBC.

"Our company is dozens of times larger than yours. How can I believe you can do well in safety without similar management experience?"

Wang Bin has a deep memory of this sentence.

Recalling his early days as a student, Wang Bin used the word "Deviation". At that time, he seemed to be the "problem youth" in the eyes of parents and teachers, rebellious, and did not love reading.

But unexpectedly, although Wang Bin didn't like learning at that time, he was interested in the seemingly boring computer knowledge. In his senior year, he had the first computer in his life - 486dx2 with coprocessor, 8 megabytes of memory, worth more than 8000 oceans.

Speaking of the computer, he has a vivid memory. Compared with most people's obsession with computer games, Wang Bin has a strong interest in the computer system itself, and he is eager to understand the principle.

After playing for two or three days, he dived into the TCP / IP protocol and read volume one, volume two and volume three at one go. Boring content, a change of normal hard work, in addition to interest, I really can't think of any other reason, can let the original do not love reading "problem youth" calm down to actively learn network transmission protocol.

Sometimes life is so wonderful, with opportunities and challenges. Wang Bin is four years ahead of his peers in accessing internet security, which is exactly the four years of great security development. Around 2000, Wang Bin has gradually penetrated into the field of network security that he is interested in. In order to learn about network security, he often goes to BBS and other learning websites and communities, and knows the early group of people engaged in security industry.

From the youth who just touched the Internet gate to the important department manager of the enterprise, Wang Bin has gone through various processes of the development of network security in China. Talking about the future, Wang Bin said, "network security is a career I love and would like to work for all my life. I hope I can always gain in this field."

Wang Bin said he was a veteran of the security industry. He has a rich resume, worked in pre-sales, technology, consulting, project management, from Party B to Party A, and has been employed for 20 years. He really can afford the title of "veteran".

At the beginning of 2000, Wang Bin found his first job in the security industry, doing technical support & pre-sales work in Jinnuo network security, which was officially entered into the field of network security. At that time, Jinnuo network security was one of the famous enterprises in the security industry.

Wang Bin, who just entered the network security circle, found that he had too much knowledge to learn and too much unknown to explore. As a result, all the major learning websites on the Internet have his figure. He has been learning from a number of industry bulls to discuss network security technology together.

In Jinnuo's years, what impressed Wang Bin most was not the breakthrough in technology, but the contact and understanding of new concepts such as security service concept and security overall framework. Many people think this is a new way to solve the problem of enterprise security.

At that time, it was difficult to make a big breakthrough in technology, but the new management methods brought new hope. In the case of basic thorough technology, Wang Bin has a strong interest in the new concept of safety management, so he started a new journey.

In 2005, Wang Bin came to Qiming star. As one of the leaders in the industry, Qiming star has brought Wang Bin too much growth, whether in terms of technical improvement or work methods. Recalling this experience, he was very excited, and called Qiming star "Buddha Department" enterprise. "He stayed in Qiming star very warm, with rapid growth, and without such great pressure.".

Ten years later, Wang Bin still clearly remembers a question asked by his customers: "our company is dozens of times the size of your company, you do not have such management experience, how can I believe you can do a good job in safety"?

Wang Bin was asked by this sentence at that time. As a project manager, he has countless scripts to answer this question, but he didn't say a word. It hit him like a hammer. In his heart, he is also asking himself this question, which gives rise to the idea of going to Party A's enterprise to have a look at the different landscape of Party A's safety.

Wang Bin decided to follow his heart and go to a large company of Party A. Since Qiming Xingchen left, he has successfully entered Ctrip with solid technology and rich experience.

In 2010, it happened to be the first wave of Internet enterprise network security development. When he first arrived at Ctrip, Wang Bin was mainly responsible for the compliance and internal audit of the enterprise. At that time, Ctrip's security team was only 20 or 30 people, but at that time, it was already a strong security team in Internet enterprises.

Five years later, when Wang Bin left Ctrip, his safety team had reached more than 100. In five years, Wang Bin happened to go through the whole process of the development of Ctrip's overall safety ability, and gradually changed his thinking from technology and management safety to business oriented safety work.

In 2013, Wang Bin began to understand Ctrip's business risk control system and came into contact with an idea: "let risk control deeply fit the business development and go into the business". Although this sentence is now mentioned very much, in 2013, there are not many companies & bosses who can have this insight.

It can't be denied that even if this concept is put forward, it is still difficult to land in business. At that time, the status of the security sector was far higher than it is now, and so was risk control. In the actual process of promoting business risk control, it is inevitable that business departments will be excluded because of increasing business costs.

During that period, the behavior of collecting wool / black production gradually increased. As a large domestic Internet enterprise, Ctrip had various user benefits on the platform, such as Ctrip gift cards, vouchers, etc., which naturally became the focus of the wool party / black production, causing no small trouble to the business department.

Wang Bin took this kind of event as a push, constantly communicated with the business department about the necessity of risk control, and worked out the accounts with the business department one by one. Constantly instill risk concepts into business units and leaders, including payment risk, fraud risk, account risk, etc. When the business department understands that the risk loss of some projects is so large, it also begins to understand and accept the practice of risk control department.

Gradually "close" with the business department, Wang Bin suddenly found that the whole department and the business side had become a partner on the front line, which was unimaginable in the past safe position. "Of course, in the face of principle issues, the whole team still needs to have the courage and stick to the bottom line, otherwise big things will happen easily.".

After leaving Ctrip in 2015, Wang Bin joined the risk control department of ehui, and has been doing so ever since. Looking back and summarizing his years of security experience, he has a deeper understanding of risk control and security: "information security is the cornerstone of all risk control in an enterprise, and only when the cornerstone is consolidated can risk control go further."

Many people are not clear about the relationship between risk control and enterprise information security. In Wang Bin's view, information security is the root of all risk control in an enterprise.

When many people are still struggling with the question of "chicken first or egg first" about safety and risk control, Wang Bin has realized that only by integrating the two can the effect of 1 + 1 > 2 be achieved.

When referring to his understanding of security, Wang Bin emphasized the concept of "fairness".

For enterprises, continuous unfairness will inevitably lead to continuous loss of users, and the existence of security is to maintain "fairness". In short, if we want the people who really pay to get the return, the people who specialize in crooked ways should also bear the corresponding responsibility to prevent the bad money from expelling the good money.

If security is to maintain "fairness", then to achieve this goal, we must rely on operation. Many people think that the operation post is neither cool in technology nor boring in practical work. In fact, this is not the case. Wang Bin said that all safety and risk control must be operation oriented.

With the continuous development of safety technology and concept, the traditional safety concept is gradually difficult to adapt, "big safety" concept has become the focus of safety practitioners.

Wang Bin said that "great security" is the development trend in the future. Are you hungry and are actively building a great security system. For the merchant side, it is necessary to ensure that all dishes are authentic and the merchant's funds are safe; for the user, it is necessary to protect the user's mobile phone number from being leaked and the food they eat is safe; for the rider, it is necessary to ensure the authenticity of each order and the rider's personal safety.

In April 2017, hungry you held the first information security summit in Shanghai. Through this security summit, not only to enhance the user's sense of trust, but also to provide a good opportunity for the cooperation and exchange of different security practitioners and experience sharing.

I hope that we can pool our strength to improve the Internet security ecological construction, build a community with a shared future in cyberspace, and promote the continuous development of the entire security industry.


Wang Bin is actually a man who loves travelling and caring for his family.

I still remember clearly that the first question at the beginning of the interview was do you like flying? (Wang Bin's wechat head, wearing anti noise headphones, sitting on the plane)

Wang Bin smiled. I don't like flying very much. I just like traveling. This picture is also an experience of flying when traveling abroad.

However, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to arrange free time to travel. "No way, there are always all kinds of emergencies in the safety industry," Wang Bin joked. "There was a time when I spent more money on cancelling air tickets than buying them.".

Now, Wang Bin has been tossing Party B and Party A for 20 years. He has not only seen the initial stage of China's security industry, but also experienced the era of the explosion of the security industry.

From the beginning to the end, Wang Bin has always been in a virtuous circle of "constantly learning knowledge in work, and testing new knowledge in actual work". From security technology to security management concept to risk control and enterprise security, Wang Bin has developed a solid enterprise information security technology and accumulated rich management experience.

At the end of the interview, the author joked, "if you go back to campus once again, will you still choose this road?"

Wang Bin smiled, "there is no if in life, but the dream in my heart can be. Maybe when I first opened the TCP / IP protocol, I was destined to go all the way in this industry."

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