strong integration of php168 and phpwind again

Posted by tzul at 2020-03-20

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As one of the two most outstanding technical teams in China's Internet platform, PHP168 and phpwind will work together again this time. Following the high-level integration of PHP168 V5.0 and phpwind 7.0, V6 and pw7.0 will be strongly integrated again. To solve the problem of CMS and BBS integration, CMS + BBS gold portfolio has been formed.

PHP168 V6 and pw7.0 integrated version will have the following new highlights:

The member center integrates PW data, and users can track, modify and view posts in the V6 member center. The V6 membership center will become one of the core systems of PHP168.

Seamless push of attachments and images. PW forum pictures and attachments will be very convenient and quickly pushed to CMS system.

PHP168 and PW realize the mixed arrangement of articles in the column, and at the same time realize the static.

The V6 thematic pictures realize CMS + BBS mixed arrangement. Pictures of two systems can be mixed in the same column.

PHP168 V5.0 and pw7.0 have the following functions:

1. SMS synchronization

2. Forum post can be recommended to PHP168 whole station article system display

3. PHP168 system and forum integrated content can participate in the whole site search

4. Synchronous registration, login and exit

5. PHP168 and phpwind integration synchronization

6. All statistics of the forum can be displayed on the front page of the whole station

7. The whole station can freely call the post that displays each column of the forum through the tag

8. The collection function of the whole station system can collect data to the forum column and enrich the forum information quickly

The deep integration of the two platforms gives users the opportunity to make use of the products developed by two professional technical teams at the same time, so that users' projects have a stronger technical expansion.

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