orange launches easy office in novosibirsk

Posted by punzalan at 2020-03-20

(C) March 19, 2010

Russia's daughter "France Telecom Co., Ltd."( Phone and Internet in one package. October 2009 Easy office's decision is in Moscow and Rostov East. By the end of the year, orange plans to provide services in other large Russian cities.

Carrier news services reported that the decision was based on the innovative development of an integrated commercial livebox access device, France Telecom, suitable for the Russian market. The working principle of the device is "everything is in one". It combines an Internet Modem, a wireless network point and an office Mini automatic switch. The total number of commercial livebox users in Europe is more than 200000. Company.

During the period of validity of the contract, the employer shall obtain free of charge the equipment necessary for establishing the internal telephone and computer network, as well as the equipment necessary for entering the external telephone network. Internet. Monthly fixed payments include unlimited local calls and Internet access at a guaranteed speed of 1-2 MB / C at designated ports, At the same time, integrated technical maintenance and equipment management, "the news service reported.

"Easy office is the first professional solution for SMEs in the product chain," said Bart stallens, director of strategic marketing, business services, orange, Russia and CIS. We use the full potential of France Telecom. Developing this line is our strategic priority. We will provide the market with an expanded version of easy office and a new product, easy office PBX, in the near future, Focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. At the end of last year, the launch of multi service network in Novosibirsk Metro Ethernet city and the update of access equipment greatly improved our ability in the fixed service market. Contacts for corporate customers, including the SME segment. "

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"Equator" Co., Ltd. is a telecom company, 100% of which belongs to France Telecom. It has provided communication and system integration services under the brand of orange business services in 37 cities in Russia.