looking at the trend of network security technology from rsa 2019 innovation sandbox "top ten"

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Looking at the trend of network security technology from RSA 2019 innovation sandbox "top ten"

Friday, February 15, 2019

The heat of rsa2018 still seems to be in full swing, and RSA in 2019 will open in San Francisco on March 4.

The top 10 companies in the RSAC innovation sandbox competition are the boldest innovators in the security industry. Over the past five years, the top 10 finalists have invested more than $2.05 billion.

01 Arkose Labs

Specialty: Financial Fraud Prevention official website:

It mainly provides network fraud prevention services for large-scale institutions around the world. Through innovative global remote sensing technology, user behavior risk assessment technology and patent protection services, it helps users solve the problem of network fraud and avoid millions of economic losses every year. Arkose lab claims to be able to block fraud and abuse in advance without affecting the user experience and business development. Its customer industries include e-commerce, tourism, finance, social media and online games.


Specialty: online security asset management official website:

Axionius is headquartered in New York, USA, and its R & D center is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The main product is the following network security asset management platform.

In the middle of February 2019, axonius, which just received the round a financing of US $13 million, did come to the fore.

The network security asset management platform mainly helps users to sort out which assets and equipment exist in the work network and confirm whether they meet the security protection requirements of the unit. Although it's a start-up, it has gained big customers such as the New York Times, appsflyer and natera.


Specialty: attack detection and response in Linux official website:

Capsule8 is headquartered in New York, USA. its main product is the first zero day attack real-time detection platform in the security industry, which actively protects the entire Linux production environment.

The platform can provide users with real-time attack detection service, high-precision alarm service and operational attack intelligence. The customized policy configuration can also reduce the false alarm rate to the greatest extent, help customers automatically cut off the attacker's connection, restart the workload and send an alarm to the security personnel. In addition, the platform can also be integrated with Siem, log analysis tools, forensics tools, etc.

04 CloudKnox

Specialty: identity rights management in hybrid cloud environment official website:

Cloudknox, headquartered in California, USA, provides access authorization through behavior analysis, manages the identity rights of human and machine in a hybrid cloud environment, empowers security personnel to continuously detect and mitigate the security risks brought by identity rights, and solves the problem of unintentional or malicious certificate abuse.

05 DisruptOps

Specialty: cloud security official website:

Through rapid detection and automatic repair of security and operation problems, discuptops can realize continuous control of cloud infrastructure. It has an efficient and scalable cloud security platform and service automation and orchestration technology, which makes secops (security operation and maintenance) truly come into operation and put into application.

06 Duality Technologies

Specialty: privacy and IP protection / data security official website:

Main product: secureplustm

According to duality technologies, secureplustm, a data privacy solution, can extract the value of data while encrypting it - by using AI and analysis technology - to obtain the value of data without compromising the confidentiality of data.

07 eclypsium

Specialty: hardware and firmware security official website:

Eclypsium protects the firmware and hardware layers of laptops, servers, and network infrastructure. Their solutions and technologies can help customers proactively identify weaknesses, reduce risks and defend against threats such as firmware implantation and backdoor, as well as threat defense against attack surfaces not covered by traditional security measures.

08 Salt Security

Specialty: API interface security official website:

The main protection object of salt security is API interface, which is the core of every SaaS (software as a service), web, mobile, microservice and IOT application. Its main product is called "API protection platform", which is also the first patent scheme in the industry to use behavior protection to defend against next generation API attacks.

09 ShiftLeft

Specialty: application security official website:

The historical mission of shiftleft is to achieve fast, detailed, customizable and fully automated application security defense. Its main products include: inspect, protect and audit, which can automatically analyze, protect and audit software code.

10 Wirewheel

Specialty: personal privacy protection and data security official website:

a. Personal data: what personal data are we collecting? b. Data storage: where is personal data stored? c. Data processing: where do we process this data? d. Third party partners: which of our partners have access to these personal data?

The main goal of wirewheel is to help customers solve the above problems and achieve the compliance requirements in privacy protection. It establishes a data privacy and protection platform, which provides privacy risk assessment, data protection risk assessment, third-party security assessment and risk management.

Wireless's data privacy and protection platform

Niloofar Razi Howe, an Internet Security entrepreneur and investor, believes that RSA's innovation sandbox competition not only provides a unique display platform for these entrepreneurial Internet security companies, but also becomes a booster for these emerging enterprises to become successful, which greatly promotes the vigorous development of the Internet security industry.

At the end of the paper, we will review the research direction of the top ten enterprises in the 19-year innovation sandbox competition, from which we can also see the trend of network security technology in 2019 or even in the next three to five years:

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