huang jiao'an defends against the adverse wind

Posted by trammel at 2020-03-21

Huang Jiao'an defends against the adverse wind

As for the query of Huang Jiao'an in the "Samsung x document", the "member of Parliament Lu huican who made speeches, the member of Parliament whose reputation was damaged, lost his position" the Justice Party "didn't even know the facts, so he used the tools of political struggle to support the dead"... Lu huican's financial group also expressed "regret"

In the course of defending the representatives of the free Korean party, it was against the wind to mention that "the factual relationship said the wrong words" of the Cui Gaofeng style Korean party members of Councillor huican of Gaul.

At the personnel hearing of the candidates for attorney general on August 8, councillor Zheng, Huang Jiao'an, who once directed the special investigation team of the "Samsung x document" incident (at that time, the second Chief of the central local prosecutor's office of Seoul), was included in the list of "rice price prosecutors" for medium doubts, and disclosed this fact to the media. He has been disqualified from membership for defamation.

On September 9, Seoul's parliament met with reporters. "Congressman Lu huican lost his position because of the Samsung x file incident. Although he was reported with reputation damage, the court was acquitted. In the case of suspected violation of the law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of communication secrets, the release of reported materials is subject to the exemption privilege, but the public website is subject to a no generation sophistry judgment. The reasons for the loss of office are totally different from those of Mr. Zheng.

"The consortium is very sorry to mention the dead," said Zhao Chengzhu, the chief affairs officer. "A party spokesman for Zheng haozhen also said on the same day:" the name of Lu huican's former representative can't be casually mentioned by profit-making groups such as councillor Zheng Jizhi. " Strongly criticized the proposition.

"The Samsung x file, the root cause of the deprivation of Lu huican's former representative, is the list of prosecutors that Samsung gets the cake fee," Zheng said. The truth of rice cake price has passed the time limit for public prosecution, and even the investigation has not been carried out smoothly. Instead, it is said that the opening of rice cake price inspection list is illegal eavesdropping. As a result, Lu huican, the former representative, published the listed reports on his website, and was sentenced by the Grand Court to lose his position as a member of Parliament due to his suspected violation of the law on the protection of communication secrets. The citizens were all angry.

"Although the position of councillor has been deprived, he will make the same decision as long as he comes back to that time," said Zheng. "No matter the guard warrior or the public prosecutor, who has no basic factual relationship, they will send the dead with the tools of political struggle. There is no such paradox.

"When the former Samsung legal Minister Jin Yongzhe called the media yesterday, he paid 6 million won in cake money to the representative of Huang jiaoan, then the criminal 5 Minister of the local prosecutor's office in northern Seoul in 1999," Zheng said. The more you want to protect councillor Zheng, the more you need to know about Huang's ugly past. "

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