future security - discovery event: what did a group of top white hat hackers listen to?

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Yesterday, a long picture burst the circle of wechat friends in the security industry. The logos of dozens of domestic well-known Internet giants and security companies / teams were full of the whole picture. A sentence "where is more important than going together" became the most prominent place in the whole brochure.

Today, the weather in Beijing is very cool. After a night's light rain, it gives Beijing a sense of coolness. Due to time storage, 301 directly went to the venue, Beijing Oriental Grand Hyatt Hotel. 301 is also a senior club in China. It participated in many safety meetings, large and small. This time, the sponsor was really enough to choose Bao as one of the most prosperous hotels in Chang'an Street.

Just after entering the banquet hall, I saw the warm reception of the students coming to the conference group from a long distance. On the right side, I obviously arranged a special reception window for the media friends. It is obvious that dozens of well-known domestic media have been invited on the list of attendance, including the mass media such as Xinhuanet and During this period, 301 also made a joke (omitting 2000 words), fortunately, it was experienced and avoided the embarrassing situation.

The face-to-face beauty in charge of reception also came to say hello, and suddenly found that she didn't bring a business card... Finally, she successfully brushed her face to enter

Because of the particularity of this safety feast, many students can't come to the scene to watch. Xiaobian specially came to the front line to report to you.

301 as a temporary security editor, I would like to share the details of the next meeting with you. It can be seen from the whole venue that there are about 100 guests and about 150 tables in the venue. In addition to the media and the meeting affairs group, there are no more than 180 people in the venue. Maybe because of the working day, today's meeting was delayed for nearly 20 minutes. At 2:30, it was found that the sitting rate of the venue was about 80%.

The conference officially started at 2:30. Stay in mind. Thank you for listening to his personal talk show. I hope this simple and concise press conference will bring you different feelings. Due to the limited invitation, I hope everything will be easier.

First of all, God wants to activate your curiosity and explore the unknown world. I hope to do a different activity. If I want to use a few words to express the characteristics of this meeting, I hope to use three words: "extreme, simple, pure"

The first video, through SIM card, car / update (unknown details), was restarted for 3 minutes. Audi A7 show implanted the demonstration of back door intrusion (root).

In the second video, the organizer of the test Audi A7 is implanted in the rear door for driving demonstration, and the whole driving track of the Audi A7 injected into the rear door is recorded.

Next, Dazhen introduces the original intention and background of the founding of xiax-pwn, and gives it a new definition. Research, exploration, exchange and sharing Conference on security issues of intelligent life products, referred to as "xpwn future security exploration event".

Dazhen hopes to promote the improvement of safety issues and the implementation of safety standards / safety laws through "digging, cracking, improving, competition, Carnival and sharing meeting".

Dumbledore thinks that if the activity is defined as a competition, the first question we think about is the rules

1. I feel that any rule is a constraint to creation, and the real rule is that there is no rule.

2. We don't need rules, we just need to create, and that's what we want to see.

3. We only set the direction, not the rules.

Dazhen believes that they need to pay more attention to smart terminals, smart wear, intelligent transportation, life o2o, future security (big data security, virtual security, etc.).

It is hoped that the core of this xpwn is not to limit the direction and future, but also to define geek life with an open mind; to break through, show and modify (to help manufacturers solve problems), to spread positive energy through technical means, to promote industrial development, to help enterprises solve common problems, and to maximize value.

Dazhen hopes to reward the contribution of fans who achieve every level of breakthrough through safety innovation. Dazhen believes that it will always "adhere to the mechanism of responsible disclosure", try to help relevant manufacturers to better solve, improve the system, and protect users' lives. More attention is paid to the attitude towards safety issues. The purpose of this meeting is to hope that the public and the media can learn the real situation of safety.

In the end, all rewards will be awarded by SRC of partners, manufacturers and enterprises, and all expenses of this x-pwn meeting will be awarded to curious talents participating in this plan.

Bonus report + industry promotion = sponsorship support

What we've been doing. Since 1997, he has been specialized in information security research in 2008, including establishing Anjiao with friends like Xundi, hoping to achieve more value through security.

Doushen expressed hope that more friends can join in and bring more value to the Internet.

In the face of the unknown, we use curiosity instead of fear. In the face of what will happen in the future, real curiosity will continue to encourage us to explore the unknown world.

Finally, we call on all our friends to let "in the face of the unknown, we use curiosity instead of fear.". "

301 point of view:

Finally, 301 believes that everything should be connected in the future, and the core data in the future are all in the cloud. While it really brings convenience to people's lives, the real security threat will come with the development of Internet information technology. In view of the security in the future, how to think about and solve it is also to leave a young man to work hard together.

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