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Posted by punzalan at 2020-02-18

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Defense I'm curious about the difference in defense.

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I know defense means defense

But Liu's doctors can't exchange according to the context, which is not exactly the same.

I see some examples in the textbook and would like to ask some questions.

Example sentence

In the school football match, class 13 won. Class 13 is the advantage of one goal held by the player after he scored.

*Defense defense defense

In the textbook, the most appropriate word is the correct word of "defense". We found the standard Chinese line competition, as follows.


Defending the external invasion or attack, defending the enemy / border defense, the Japanese artillery shells to the peony team, stubborn climb up, the left baby who guards this step has tried the tenacious defense war.


Seeing the examples of "defense" and "defense", there are many examples of war and defense, including the example of stopping attacks in sports competitions, but in the example of textbooks, I think "defense" is more appropriate.

Stop the opponent 's attack in the sports competition,

(defense / defense) please answer which words show more correct meaning.

[answer] defense / defense

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Good morning?

Thank you for your query before the standard Mandarin ambassador. Please forward the content of the query to the person in charge of the Department in advance, as follows.

--------------------Defense focuses on behavior, defense is right for that space. There are two for sports. If blocking the other side's goal, then use "defense" to stop the other side's attack action, it's OK. Thank you.