lightweight appearance: a new test protocol signed by luino

Posted by santillano at 2020-02-17

Louiseau, a designer and manufacturer of implementation solutions for the site, continues to offer solutions to carpentry professionals.

The historic role of Research Office of luvaneo in wood fixing and light appearance industry has just developed a new test procedure for light appearance professionals: Curtain external wall fixing test procedure, which is an auxiliary tool. Implementation and cooperation of market participants.

Actual test of qualified technical documents

The protocol for the legitimacy test of curtain wall connection provides a method to prove the legitimacy of the characteristic resistance of the curtain wall connection, which has the functions of weight, wind and earthquake. Ni Wang, the person in charge of RD explained that he "conducted the actual test on the site test bench according to the installation design consistent with the site installation".

A research office to develop innovative solutions

Ni Wang, who is in charge, and Guillaume dufaix, who is in charge of the Institute, worked with their team (10 staff) to develop the trial agreement.

The Institute merged with Louis Au and developed new solutions to meet the needs of customers. It is responsible for technical consulting, design, encryption and production launch. Through its understanding of current standards and design methods, the Institute provides advice to clients in order to find the best solution to their problems. It has a size design service for the fixings designed according to the project environment, so as to prove its rationality through the test report.

Professional services Toolkit

The toolkit provides implementation support and mentoring for professionals to choose the solution that best suits their construction projects. The second function of the tool is: it describes the mechanical clothing of anchors within the range of road signs, which is the information required by the control room.

The pilot protocol is a novel mechanism for light actors, "its use is not mandatory," explains Guillaume Duffy, head of the Institute. Since its launch in the market at the beginning of the year, customers have been using L "in a simple way to make it easier to understand the anchoring components in the tender response.".

Cooperative action for the whole profession

Louineau, a member of snfa, has adopted a collective approach involving industry actors - cutting-edge, spousal and supervisory offices - in the development of this pilot protocol. This approach was developed after two years of in-house work and close cooperation with the national family and UNICEF. It draws on additional expertise from actors and is therefore professional.

Everyone benefits from this tool.

"Solution provider"

The development of this "curtain appearance link rationality test procedure" strengthens Louis AU's leading position in the market and the ability to provide services. This collective approach enables companies to better understand the needs and problems of market participants; "some faces do not have internally designed computers or service software," Guillaume duffix specifically points out.

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