kt, iot security solution "momentum building invisible map"

Posted by santillano at 2020-02-19
Terminal security based on block chain provides... Application demonstration service

Idews's true reporter KT's increased hacker risk to the security technology of its own thing network.

KT said Thursday that it will provide demonstration services after the completion of the platform of gigasteath, a block based IOT security solution.

This platform is to let hackers not see the "visible IP" technology and KT block chain of the IP address of IOT terminal, and the characteristics of the "intelligent network access control" technology that allows the sender and communication.

Therefore, all communication elements, such as users, IOT servers, IOT terminals, are endowed with inherent block accounts, and one-time end to end users, servers, and terminals are issued.

At present, most of the Internet hackers are anonymous. According to KT, the flag is through ID authentication and one-time land authentication 2, which is far recommended by hacker connection.

In addition, there is no equipment added at the end, and the security can be based on the network. "For a more expensive security solution, it will be evaluated as an affordable IOT environment with optimized security technology in terms of cost efficiency," KT said

KT has completed the IOT gate developed by its stealth telegram, and plans to go public within this year. Flag is a variety of IOT systems, such as stealth telegraph IOT door, remote needle detector, card clearing machine, bus information terminal, etc. In addition, it is planned to expand to various fields such as wireless communication module and software development tool (SDK).

Jin Chengzhe's KT information security platform business said: "KT will prepare the differentiated basis of KT 5g platform and provide draft exhibition value on the basis of stealth phone", "not only starting from the commercialization of the base, but also expanding network security in the IOT market."