"it's all my responsibility" jinguan town, detained for 11 days and released... law "crime or not quarrel"

Posted by lipsius at 2020-02-14

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On the 11th, the former Defense Minister of Jinguan town (68 years old) who was detained as the "Duke of military command's political message" was released on the 11th through a detention Deputy review in the court on the 22nd.

On the same day, 51 criminal agreements (judge Shen Guanglie) of the Central District Court of Seoul, after the death day of the detention and trial of Mr. Kim, said "whether the illegal instructions and collection are clear." According to the contents of the toilet (defense and publicity), there is room for dispute over the establishment of the crime, and it is decided that "it is necessary to protect the right of defense". The vice judge of detention is a system in which the detained suspect judges the legality and necessity of detention by the court.

About an hour after the court's decision to release him, former Kim, who appeared at the Seoul detention center, said in an interview group asking about his mood: "the investigation continues, and we will be honest." When asked about the name of the suspect, he also said briefly, "I intend to take the investigation seriously in the future.".

The day before, the day before Jin, the court asked the court to examine whether it was appropriate. ". It is reported that the former chief executive of King advocated that "there is no need to detain and investigate because there is no cancellation of escape and evidence".

In the period of Lee Myung Bak government, Mr. Kim supported the government and the ruling circle by providing the former virtual commander of the national army of Yanji Xu in 2010-2012, and accused the online political participation in the opposition circle of suspicion (political viewing in military law), etc. At that time, the court issued an arrest order: "the political participation of the main suspects was convened and there was evidence of destruction."

In the examination of the substance of the arrest warrant, the judge asked "is there anything I want to say?" "if this is a crime, it is my responsibility. There are no mistakes. I hope the subordinates will do well

Mr. Kim served as the joint Senate President of Roh moo Hyun government. After more than two years of blank, in November 2010, Lee Myung Bak government was promoted as the national defense chief. Park Geun hye's government is also being used as the head of the national security office. He passed "the armed men in the bones" and "the most feared soldier in North Korea". During his tenure as the chief of defense, he instructed "North Korea to retaliate 10 times in case of provocation" and carry out large-scale artillery training on the actual Yeonpyeong island. North Korea designated "the first target of retaliation".