nomura securities co., ltd. introduces fleet solution services utilizing the iot platform for mobility into national sales stores

Posted by barello at 2020-02-16

Analysis of enormous running data.

Smart value (securities code: Tokyo stock part 9417, headquarters: Nishi ward, Osaka City, head office: Shibuya Jun), smart value, has a sales record of 15000 nationwide companies based on the IOT platform "kurumazaka platform" for mobility Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo ward, Tokyo, representative executive officer: Toshio Morita: Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.) decided to adopt, and the sales service "CIEMS report", which has more than 30000 user performance, is used by the national business staff members nationwide We will develop an IOT fleet solution service dedicated to Nomura Securities and announce that we will introduce our services from October 1, 2019.

1. Characteristics of Nomura Securities exclusive service

The government's basic plan for science and technology "society 5.0" and "bonded industries" of the Ministry of economy, trade and industry advocates promoting cooperation of diverse data from companies and organizations. It has attracted attention that it can lead to the improvement of convenience of service and infrastructure, and the development of new services by combining different data holders.

In the dedicated service developed this time, we can analyze various big data by adding the solution items and functions in the web and the application side as an interface, and can provide information which is necessary for Nomura Securities. By combining the running data of all the sales cars used by Nomura Securities and the activity data of the sales staff of the whole country, the operation skill diagnosis and the driving load are measured, and the safety reservation support and the traffic accident prevention are prevented, and the reservation function and the vehicle operation rate data of the sales car are appropriate We are working on "auto car sharing", and we are looking for automobiles of car daily reports and analyzing the travel route data of our daily diplomacy. In addition, it is expected to reduce the environmental load such as reduction of co ordination by advancing the optimum vehicle utilization.

2. Future plans

We are planning to build a new service.

Approach to advanced disaster prevention by data analysis of maintenance data

Background of kasugatsura platform

The smart value IOT platform is a IOT platform that specializes in automobiles. In order to realize the voice of customers who want to start a new IOT, and want to connect the data of the car to the existing system, we have started to offer "kurumazaka platform form" in August 2016.

This service concentrates on the know-how that the smart value has since since 2008, and it makes the analysis and processing of the running data which is difficult to analyze because of the enormous amount of data, and it becomes possible to visualize it instantly. Moreover, unlike the general system, since it is collected and analyzed to the minute running data which is omitted because the data is too vast, it is possible to obtain more accurate running data. With this platform, we have created a new service that combines the IOT of cars into existing business and services.

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