thomson reuters launched a new clinical trial information solution

Posted by lipsius at 2020-02-20

Corlis clinical trial information tool enables users to speed up clinical trial development and decision-making on combination strategies

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Cortellis clinical trial information tool enables users to search and query information about more than 140000 biological product trials, biomarkers, diagnostics, medical devices and drugs for rare diseases in the United States and around the world. The tool also provides 200000 press releases, 220000 articles and abstracts, 2.25 million articles on supporting clinical development of innovative research, 2100 meeting abstracts, 8000 meeting reports, and minutes of analysts and investors' meetings. Department of medicine and biomedical chemistry. It can be fully integrated with the state-of-the-art new drugs and patent information developed by Thomson Reuters, or it can be obtained through the enterprise website or application programming interface (API).

Thomson Reuters is not the second independent clinical trial information tool, but provides a very effective scientific tool to link the data with our own information on new drugs, patented products and biomarkers. In addition, we provide analysis to our users so that they can find their place in increasingly complex environments. " "... we give clinical development professionals a better understanding of the clinical environment, no matter what is feasible or what potential pitfalls, so that they can finally conduct better trials."

Corlis clinical trial information tool provides dynamic visualization to facilitate evidence-based decision making and improve competitive positioning. It provides a preview of the latest test time, showing the start date of the test, the average test time, and the expected, actual, or expected date of any instruction, business, or drug. The Corlis clinical trial information tool also supports sophisticated medical strategies that allow competitive surveillance of specific disease segments, use of biomarkers, and better understanding of disease processes.

This new solution enables biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate the development of clinical trials, improve their results, shorten the time of marketing, and optimize their combined strategies in all areas: development and clinical activities, research and development, marketing. prospecting It also targets vendors involved in clinical trial planning and implementation.

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