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5 greenings KSC & kreonet 2019 is a bank of great significance at the national level. It is a law to establish the application and training of national ultra-high performance computers and has formulated a formal plan. Especially this activity is supercomputing everywhere connected! With this theme, we invited famous speeches at home and abroad. In developed countries, we have not only released supercomputer applications and new trends, but also speeches that will have an impact on our society from the fourth industrial revolution. At the same time, in order to overcome the limits of science and technology, the necessary supercomputers and ultra-high speed networks are used to provide excellent supercomputer applications and services for research results, supercomputer design and development, computational science engineering, industrial engineering analysis, and open scientific data, Researchers from the field of HPC network industry and science gathered together to prepare the speaker for the exchange of research results sharing. Super computing is an inevitable factor to improve the disclosure and industrial competitiveness in scientific will. For this reason, it is necessary to promote the positive contribution of Korean housework association of relevant researchers to provide the exchange of Korean Zhengbao, which integrates the research of learning, mountain study cooperation and human training. Just like aunt xiaoshuidi formed a broad sea, little care and participation will become the biggest strength before the development of supercomputers and Computing Science Engineering in China. Cui Xiyun, science and technology information researcher of South Korea, Zhang 05

7. Chairman Cui Xiyun of COMMITTEEORGANIZING Committeee: Professor Shen Dongyu (Seoul University), Professor Han Shanying (Jianguo University), Professor Jin Guangzhu (unist), chairman of KISTI program Comittee (Seoul University), Professor Han Shanying Li Zhushi, director of Hong Taiying Center (KISTI), Professor Jin Zhenghao, director of Xiyou town center, HPC for Engineering MS, working performance computing density functional this fund beyond hphop high Professor KAIST, Dr. TTA, Dr. KISTI, Dr. Li Wanxi, the latest network technology seminar of tulial unity Forum Deep learning for ergy physics EDIS EDIS edisone fecone fecechise KISTI, LLNL, ORNL, NVIDIA, KISTI, KISTI, KISTI, KISTI, KISTI, KISTI, KISTI



12 from programmable network to computational Networking Technical Director, advanced application partitions barefoot networks, an company, this is the line between between content competitor content compute BER between words BER d between words BER d between words At the samtime,compute is being diversifed(CPU,GPU,TPU)wheile network is being converged(over Ethernet)。 Forwarding data to the best-available compute node of the right is becoming a key to the success of heterogenes and highly distrid computing infracture。 Making the optimal forwarding decison requires fully programmable network dataplan so that the network the network can quickly apt to various and continues aplyeon aplation Barefoot Networks Tofino chip and P4 programming language demonstratratte the power and fesibility of high-speed prograble dataplantane。 taking a step forward,directly running part of compute/application logic on a cluster of Toffine chips-as high-speed packet procentine ione is becomming possication login login logic on logic on ation a clister of of of of of ofrister of ofripripripripripriprister of Room room room room room room room room room room room room seat seat seat seat seat seat seat seat seat seat seat 2019: technical director, barefoot networks 12

13 on the development history of Japanese supercomputers - numerical wind tunnel computers, fugaku computers also need to explain science advisor rist, Kobe center, and simply explain the development history of Japanese supercomputers. According to Cray-1's efforts, Japanese computer companies began to produce computers in the early 1980s with the powerful impact of solving large-scale scientific and engineering problems. By the end of the 1990s, Japanese companies had focused on vector machines, and the results showed that at that time, the world's first computer acquisition wind tunnel. In 2002, Japan began the PFlops era in the development of earth simulator. In 2005, RIKEN began to build a k-supercomputer with 10 PFlops, which was completed in 2011. At present, RIKEN is building a fugaku computer 100 times faster than k. This is a general purpose computer without accelerator. It not only supports 32 / 64 bit, but also supports 16 bit fixed operation. It is well used in the field of AI. Fugaku will solve academic and social problems in the next 10 years 25.1966::::::::B.sisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisiSpecial Professor,Kobe University ~ now:Science Advisor,RIST Kobe Center 13

15 Tutorial 5 th Sep 2019 Thu


17 tutorial 5th SEP 2019, thu NVIDIA DLI (Venue: giant Library C) 13:20-18:00 in depth Lecture 1 on multiple data types. introduce Image segmentation using tensorflow 3 Create text using TensorFlow Image and video screenshots To summarize dep learning application for climate science (Location: giant library a) 13:20-18:00 AI for climate taking climate problem machine learning (LNL). Spatial Analysis 2. Temporal Analysis Spatio-Temporal Analysis


19 Workshop 5 th Sep 2019 Thu


21 workshop 5th SEP 2019, thu HPC for Engineering MS (place: haiban a) 13:20-13:50 massively parallel CFD simulations around golf ball. An jiongze (Weishan University) 13:50-14:20 14:20 14:50 14:50 14:50-15:20 15:20 15:40 15:40 15:40-16:10:10-16:40 16:40-17:10 toward cost effective, High fidelity calculations of boundary layer transition directional control characteristics of air purifier flow Song jingxun: a case of safety for autonomy driving

22 Massively parallel CFD simulations arounning golf ball Professor a scalable solution algorithm is presented for the simulation of wake patterns behind a golf ball with and back spin were simulated at re = 1.1 ULSAN3D-Cart,the in-house cartian mesh-based inc ompreessible flow solver,was utilized on the grid composed of 4096 ^ 2(^ 9)cells。 The Navier-Stokes equations for inc ompreessible flows are solved by the standard projection meth the unconditionally stable semi-lagrangrangian scheme The pre Poison equation is solved by the hybrid MPI/OpenMP parallel mulel geometrid metrid methion,whis the key algorithom for the efiefiectiel sill siall simulall geol geotion This problem was coputed on the KISTI ` s Nurion supercomputer using total 8192 MPI processes on 32768 Cores of Instel Xeon 7250 CPU。 In-situ visualization was also conducted on the Nurion supercomputer using 256 MPI processes composed of 17408 Cores。 Seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats seats

23 toard cost effective, Professor of high fidelity calculations of boundary layer transition, the root boundary layer of Guangzhou Academy of science and technology is a very important flow phenomenon of machine, aviation, energy and other related hydrodynamics. Due to the cloth, the wing resistance of the aircraft may be greatly changed, and as the radio changes, flow stripping may occur. In addition, the cloth on the high-speed warning layer and the secret relationship between the hot war moon on the wall. In this study, the qualitative theory of two boundary layers (LES, large edge simulation) is used to receive two calculation cost efficiencies to improve the high fidelity, which verifies the possibility of implementation. In the verification, a large number of boundary layer flows on reputation are used to study the fabric phenomenon. In the subsonic boundary layer and supersonic boundary layer, the stability theory is combined with LES method for numerical analysis. In this study, KISTI's Tachyon 2 and nurion were used: Bachelor of mechanical engineering, master of POSCO engineering, master of mechanics, University of Texas Austin: Doctor of mechanical engineering Mofff field, Clifornia, USA ~ 2016: acting as research engineer, United Technology Research Center, East Hartford, Connecticut, USA, now: Professor Zhao

A study on the direction control characteristics for the discharge flow of air purifier. In order to invent a clean air quality with high efficiency, a lot of research has been done with CFD. The designer of the air cleaner parts improves the performance. Through the experiment, the practical environment that is difficult to verify is verified, the effect of the cleaning period is verified, and the case of using the product is demonstrated. -Korea University of industry and technology - is it? Seoul semiconductor - (county) Xiongjin kowe 24

Li Zhuyan, a Korean Chemical researcher of high-performance computer-based new drug exploration and Research Institute, is the core of the new three major market drivers and the flower of the pharmaceutical industry. Before the new drugs start to be sold, the average Rd cost is more than 1 trillion in 12 years, and 10 of the more than 10000 new drug candidates enter the leaving award. Computer-based drug discovery and research can be linked to the fusion of knowledge, Vic data, etc., and help to effective drug design for specific diseases. In this publication, in order to minimize the time and cost of drug candidate discovery, the early half (structure based drug design; SBDD) and living based drug drug design) of high-performance computers are used to explore new drug research methods Bachelor of Science: physical chemistry, chemistry department, Catholic University, master of Science: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, Ph.D., Seoul University ~: LG Life Sciences ~ present: Korean Institute of chemistry 25

26 researcher in charge of metal loose part impact analysis in nuclear power plant based on FEA and machine learning When the internal structure of nuclear electrical appliances is separated or the metal foreign matters flowing in from the outside move the atomic reactor system according to the flow of cooling materials, it can cause damage to the nuclear fuel, internal structure, cooling pump, steam generator, etc. Therefore, the nuclear power plant will take preventive measures for different substances in the early stage according to the rules and regulations (loose part monitoring system: LPMs). LPMs is to predict the location and quality of metal foreign bodies, which plays a very important role in improving the health of nuclear power plants. In order to correctly predict the mass of metallic materials, the propagation of bending wave in western structures under impact should be correctly described. In this study, according to the technique of finite element analysis (FEA), the feasibility of FEA is verified. In addition, big data and machine design technology based on FEA are proposed, and the methodology of lifting the position and quality of the quality of foreign matters in the ban is proposed: graduated from the Department of mechanical design of chengjunguan University: Master of mechanical design of chengjunguan University: Master of mechanical design of chengjunguan University: Master of discipline of chengjunguan University: Doctor of discipline of discipline of chengjunguan University: Modern Automobile ~ at present: Korea Atomic Force Research Institute 26

27 safety for autonomous driving, the second director of ANSYS, Shen dongsub, the environment construction and sensor of autonomous vehicle safety simulation, is the closed in the loop simulation of algorithm evaluation. -Chuntian Township graduate student ~ 2016: is software, setfos (OLED simulation software) technical person in charge ~ 2018: options, the VR platform person in charge of options ~ now: ANSYS, Hyundai Automobile / IHS bump silicon (project), Hyundai simulation engineering, Hyundai simulation engineering Technical support practice

28. The active use of structural dynamics interpretation technology, reasoning action of the Institute of case responsibility, song jingxun 1. Differences between structural and dynamic interpretation and structural dynamic interpretation 2. Model and interpretation of structural dynamics 3. Introduction to structural dynamics interpretation examples ~ 2004: Bachelor of mechanical engineering, Hanyang University (Anshan) ~ 2011: Master of mechanical engineering, Hanyang University (East Mechanics) ~ 2008: Dongyang piston design group ~ present: Director of center, Department of strategic technology development center, Vermont 28

29 WORKSHOP 5 th Sep 2019. Thu Vig data analysis solution (Location: jiayaqin b) 13:20-13:50:50 deep impact container benchmark AI server platform for supermarket computers star cell 13:20-14:50-14:15:20-15:20-15:20-15:20-15:15:40:40:40:10:16:16:40:40:40:40:15:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40 (11) clustering, Classification and reinforcement learning for time series data (skyworks) has no label. Yin Xi, an excellent person, uses this program's repair method Using FPGA's big data and artificial intelligence inference optimization system to construct Intel robot's indel memory and workload optimizer oenvino for data analysis of exta

30 SNS text data measure the enterprise will in the possibility broker 11 is Jiang Yunzhen 1. SDG index 2 proposed by the United Nations for the possibility of enterprise will Method 3 to measure the possibility of enterprise will through SNS non stereotyped text data. Global company case prediction - Busan University (Bachelor, Mathematics) - assist MBA (Master, bigidata) year ~: Tesco Korea year ~ now: 11, SK group 30

31 clustering, classification and reinforcement learning for time series is responsible for the unsupervised clustering and classification of motor data used by researcher Zheng Rongyu's fans and pumps. It has Amazon and apple stock market data, reinforcement, rehabilitation, rehabilitation, with rehabilitation, reinforcement, rion, realizing, reaction, real, rating, with How to promote effective data in the Vic data environment, and then what methods to use to understand the influence. -Niagra Falls, NY - Samsung S1 works

32 WORKSHOP 5 th Sep 2019. Thu HPC national defense (Venue: salt) 13:20-14:00 application case of HPC Technology Bureau applying computers KISTI 14:00-14:40-15:20-15:40 15:40 15:40 15:40 15:40-16:20-17:17:00-17:17:17:17:17:17:17:17:40 National University of advanced technology for strengthening national defense In the trap weapon system, the necessity and application scheme of open structure; Zheng Renshou (naval headquarters); coffeek; cooperation program and development case of New Technology Department of national defense ICT; Dr. Jin Zhongying (National Defense Technology Quality Institute); Using Operational Meteorology to support Park Jixiong (Air Force Meteorological Corps) Using Li Jizong's supercomputer, the former researcher of Park Zhenxi (National Defense Science Research Institute) 32

The MS basic design method of Kim min'er HPC, a Korean science and technology information researcher who is responsible for using the HPC technology application case of 33 supercomputer, goes beyond the specific fields such as aerospace field and enriches the manufacturing design field of real-time simulation. In this publication, KISTI uses HPC basic ms of supercomputer as an example of how to use supercomputer in the development of military machinery and various fields. -Master of Busan University - LG information and communication - researcher in charge of billilink (now) visible pyrotechnic technology development group of Korea Academy of science and technology information 33

Jiang Dongzhu, Professor of national high performance computing capability enhancement and national defense flexible utilization, National Defense University, national resources high performance computer power, wants to consider the scheme of contribution through national defense science and technology development. First of all, the operation of the U.S. high-performance computer center in the field of national defense, which uses the most computing resources in the field of national defense, and the analysis of the tasks and active fields of the center, put forward the active program of the Korean army. In addition, in order to induce Korean computing experts and defense domain name experts to participate actively, it also explains the existing researcher super computing basic army combat situation analysis and prediction model development (2017). -Bachelor of electrical science of naval non commissioned officer school - Master of Quanshan political treasure of National Defense University - doctor of Computer Engineering (SW engineering major) of Gaoli University (now) director of military science research center of National Security Research Institute (now) Honorary Research Institute of Marine Research Institute of naval non commissioned officer school (now) Director of national defense business analysis Institute

The necessity and application of open structure in 35 trap weapon system Zheng Renxiu IT industry of the information planning staff of the naval headquarters of the lieutenant colonel develops rapidly, HW is gradually miniaturized, processing speed is faster, bookshelf price is reduced, the proportion of SW and development cost are gradually increasing. This technological change has developed daoyingxiang in the naval weapon system, and made the decisive performance of the warship develop into SW intensive system. The pitfall is a composite system of dozens of systems. In order to collect and process the system, the computing environment of college entrance examination is needed. In particular, according to the height of the weapon system, in order to expand the operational radius, filter, filter, filter and shorten the data, therefore, in order to effectively deal with AI techniques, in order to achieve the embodiment of symptoms and reality, the use of computers is more urgent. However, in order to trap tower load, it is difficult to introduce military specifications of high-altitude computer, so the cost burden and future performance improvement are difficult. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to put forward the applicable scheme of open structure: Bachelor of Ocean University of South Korea, master of National Defense University, 2012, acquisition and maintenance officer of ddg-2, 2018, warship, warship, warship, warship and warship fleet of navy

36 steps and development cases of cooperation project of the Ministry of new technology of national defense ICT. The main contents (safety) are as follows. One National defense ICT new technology department cooperation project collection field 2. Project planning and selection procedures for cooperation of the Ministry of new technology of national defense ICT Quality management and common use scheme of cooperation project of New Technology Department of national defense ICT Examples of development of cooperation projects of the Ministry of new technology of national defense ICT * cooperation projects of the Ministry of new technology of national defense ICT: the Ministry of national defense - and the established deputy director general, apply to new ICT technologies in the field of national defense, develop technologies of weapon system and non weapon system, excavate awards and develop technologies every year. The director of project planning and business management in the field of national defense is in charge of the Institute of national defense technology and quality (national defense ICT integration center), and selects all project planning and enterprises with the established communication planning and evaluation Institute (ITP). Project evaluation ~ 1998: Naval Sergeant school (Bachelor) ~ 2005: Computer Engineering (Master) of Yanshi university ~ 2012: National Defense Information System (Doctor) of national defense university ~ 2006: Navy ~ 2017: Department of defense industry ~ current: National Defense Technology and Quality Institute 36

The meteorological information of the Air Force Meteorological regiment is different from that of the civilian. The use of special operations, weapons and equipment, force management and combat training are affected by various factors and clothing relations. As a prediction, it supports the completion of tasks. The Air Force Meteorological Corps is using the numerical forecast model data of the necessary Popularity Award information in the military operations such as missiles, firehouses, overseas airmen, judo weapons, naval gun shooting and so on. With the rapid change of battlefield environment and the cutting-edge of weapon system in the National Defense Reform 2.0, the probability of numerical prediction is not only improved, but also the diversification of user requirements and the integration of data are needed. In order to meet this requirement, this paper introduces the operational situation of the army under discussion, the limits and challenges of numerical prediction, The possibility of using in-depth training to provide operational meteorological support for the Korean Army: history of Urban Environmental Engineering Science of Ulsan Academy of science and Technology (unist): Ulsan Academy of science and technology

38 Li Jizong supermarket computer uses the fixed energy of the South Korean side to analyze and appoint research fellow Park zhenxiben of National Defense Research Institute, and will use the heterogenous supercomputer to introduce the examples of fixed labor interpretation in the field of national defense. The new supercomputer of the Institute of national defense science joined in 2018 is Li Jizong computer, which is a combination of Intel's XPU and NVIDIA's Tesla GPU. In terms of distribution density calculation, it has a theoretical performance of about 350 TF. In this study, pyfr, an open source flow analysis program used by CPU and GPU, can be used to accelerate the aerodynamic characteristics around the flying body. In particular, it is difficult to explain the limit flow phenomena such as the original environmental protection oxidation time, etc., using the sharp tool supermarket computer to calculate quickly and accurately, In the development stage of actual flying body and judo weapon, we explored the possibility of flexible use ~ 2007: history of mechanical engineering of Seoul University ~ 2014: Doctor integration of mechanical engineering of Seoul University ~ 2016: Research Associate, Imperial College London, now: researcher of national defense science research boat Institute 38

39 WORKSHOP 5 th Sep 2019. Tu dusisityou functional no rogue and (Venue: Venue::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: IC and phononic prooperties of twisted graphene layers Cui Hengjun( Veveveveveverererevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverever Sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle Screening for method active materials using deep natural network 39

40 Electronic Properties of 2D Materials and Their Heterostructures Professor / Director Department of Physics, Graphene Research Institute, and GRI-TPC International Research Center, Sejong University 홍석륜 Graphene and other two-dimensional (2D) materials such as hexagonal boron nitride (h-bn), and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) have attractive physical and chemical properties in relation to the application of nanodevices. To understand electronic properties of these 2D layered materials and their heterostructures, we have performed density functional theory calculations. First, we investigate atomic intercalation between graphene nanoribbon (GNR) and h-bn sheet. To find the effect of atomic intercalation on the geometrical and electronic properties of GNR on h-bn sheet, various types of impurity atoms are considered. It is found that the impurity atoms are more stable at the edge than in the middle region. In particular, the lithium or nickel atom has a very small energy difference (~0.2 ev) between two embedding positions, which means that Li or Ni atom may be relatively easy to intercalate in the structure. Next, we study the reduction of the Fermi level pinning (FLP) at Au MoS2 interfaces by atomic passivation on Au(111). To reduce the FLP at Au MoS2 interfaces, we consider several atoms (S, O, N, F, and H) that can passivate the surface of Au(111). Passivating atoms prevent the direct contact between Au(111) and MoS2, and thus FLP at Au MoS2 interfaces is reduced by weak interaction between atom-passivated Au(111) and MoS2. Especially, FLP is greatly reduced at sulfur-passivated Au-MoS2 interfaces with the smallest binding energy. Furthermore, fluorine-passivated Au(111) can form ohmic contact with MoS2, representing almost zero Schottky barrier height (SBH). We suggest that SBH can be controlled depending on the passivating atoms on Au(111). Finally, we report on ferromagnetic contacts between Ni(111) and MoX2 (X = S, Se, Te). Our calculations show that the FLP occurs at Ni-MoX2 interfaces and Schottky barrier types are varied depending on MoX2. Interestingly, spin splitting occurs at the conduction band offset or valence band offset, depending on the X type in the MoX2, and a spin magnetic moment is induced on MoX2 by Ni(111) due to the ferromagnetic nature of Ni. - 서울대학교물리학과학사 (1988), 석사 (1990) - Department of Physics, University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. (1995) ~2019: 한국연구재단지정대학중점연구소 ( 그래핀연구소 ) 소장 ~2020: 국제물리연맹 (IUPAP) C20( 계산물리분과 ) 위원 ~2023: 한국연구재단지정 GRDC 센터장 ~2020: 한국물리학회실무이사장 / 수석부회장 ~2020: 세종대학교대학평의원회교수평의원 ~ 현재 : 한국그래핀연구회운영위원 ~ 현재 : 세종대학교물리학과교수 40 41 Electronic and phononic properties of twisted graphene layers 교수연세대학교 최형준 We studied electronic structure, phonon spectrum, and electron-phonon coupling in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene (MA-TBG), describing the system atomistically with more than 10,000 atoms in the moiré supercell. Obtained electron-phonon coupling is very large near the half-filling energies of the flat bands in MA-TBG, and it is nearly isotropic and depends very weakly on electronic band and momentum, indicating that electron-phonon coupling prefers single-gap s-wave superconductivity. We also performed atomistic calculations of structural and electronic properties of twisted double bilayer graphene (TDBG) consisting of two sets of rotationally misaligned Bernal-stacked bilayer graphene. Obtained equilibrium atomic structures exhibit in-plane strains and the modulation of the interlayer distances at the rotationally mismatched interface layers. We found that the electronic structure of TDBG can have an intrinsic band gap at the charge neutral point for a large range of the twist angle. Near the twist angle of 1.25 degree, the intrinsic band gap disappears and TDBG hosts flat bands at the Fermi level that are energetically well separated from higher and lower energy bands. The flat bands are easily tunable by applying vertical electric fields, and extremely narrow bandwidths less than 10 mev can be achieved for the electron-side flat bands in a wide range of the twist angle : B. S. in Physics, Seoul National University : M. S. in Physics, Seoul National University : Ph. D. in Physics, Seoul National University ~2003: Miller Research Fellow, University of California, Berkeley ~2005: Professor, Korea Institute for Advanced Study ~present: Professor, Department of Physics, Yonsei University 41

42 Theory of time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy 교수대구경북과학기술원 이재동 A theory of the time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (TRPES) is developed. The theory enables to explore the correlated band mixing at the early stage of the optical pumping in the strongly correlated electronsystems NiO and CuO. In the spectra of TRPES, dynamics of the valence band edge are found to be sharply contrasted between the two systems, i.e., the band edge would evolve into nontrivial in-gap states during the optical pumping for NiO, while it was rigid for CuO. This gives a novel insight to the understanding of correlated insulators and makes us assert clearly that NiO is like the Mott-Hubbard insulator (MHI) and CuO is like the charge transfer insulator (CTI). Exact diagonalization studies of the many-body model Hamiltonian evidently support our conclusion : BS, POSTECH : MS, POSTECH : PhD, POSTECH ~2012: Lecturer & Associate Professor, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Japan ~current: Associate Professor & Professor, DGIST, Korea 42 43 Theoretical Studies of Electrocatalytic Activities on Carbon-based Nanostructures: HER/OER/ORR/IRR 부교수한양대학교에리카 이상욱 The electrochemical reactions on the surfaces of several catalysts are critical to the development of high performing energy harvesting and storage devices. Therefore, in recent years, many theoretical and experimental studies have been conducted to evaluate the precise catalytic reaction mechanisms and catalytic activity for the development of new catalyst materials. Here, we introduce the density functional theory (DFT)-based computational approaches to the study of various electrochemical reactions (hydrogen evolution reaction (HER), oxygen evolution reaction (OER), oxygen reduction reaction (ORR)) occurring on heterogeneous catalysis surfaces. A detailed computational approach to the theoretical interpretation of electrochemical reactions and structure- catalytic activity relationships for carbon-based catalysts will be discussed. The electrocatalytic activity of catalysis can be theoretically evaluated by overpotential value determined from free energy diagram (FED) of electrochemical reactions. By comparing electrocatalytic activity of systematically designed carbon-based catalysts, we will discuss the structure-catalytic activity relationships. In addition, we introduce new theoretical approach to Electrocatalytic Reactions using One Probe and Non- Equilibrium Surface Green s Function method : 한양대학교화학과학사 : 한양대학교화학과석사 : 일본 Tohoku University, 공학박사 ~2012: LG화학기술연구원부장 ~2014: 울산대학교화학과조교수 43 44 SimPL : Simulation Platform Creator 책임연구원 / 연구소장한국과학기술연구원 이광렬 Owing to the rapid increase in computing power and successful advancement of the computation methods, (sub) atomic simulation has been driven new paradigm of materials research. Increased predicting power of the ab initio calculation combined with the molecular dynamics approach can now start to guide the experimental research. However, the high entrance barrier against the compuational materials research need to be further reduuced for wider application of the (sub)atomic materials simulation techniques. Our group has been developing thematics simulation platforms: virtual fab of nano materials ( and battery materials design platform ( These platforms provide the working environment where one can perform advanced computational research according to the workflow of familiar experimental research. Based on our experience with the thematic multiscale simulation platforms, we developed the framework providing various modules of the web-based simulation platforms. The framework, named as SimPL, is composed of pages and functional plug-ins that can make it easy to build any thematic simulation platform of user s needs. In this presentation, we introduce the SimPL framework and it s access information in www. We will share our experience of building simulation platform using SimPL and discuss it s application for data-driven materials research : 서울대학교금속공학과학사 : 한국과학기술원재료공학박사 ~1991: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard University : Visiting Scholar, TU Wien : Visiting Scholar, Tohoku Univ ~ 현재 : 한국과학기술연구원선책임연구원 44

45 JX and dmftpack: first price software packages for corollated material research associate professor of physics of the Korean Academy of science and Technology (KAIST) and Han Mingjun in this publication, introduce two newly developed principle software packages. First of all, JX is calculated based on the interaction of self matter and its own power theorem. Different from the general way of total energy comparison, the limit algorithm based on sorting out its own strength has many advantages. For example, even if there is no supermarket accounting, remote interaction can be calculated, and self interaction with five slope decomposition ability can also be calculated. Dmftpack is developed for DFT + DMFT (density functional this + dynamic mean field theory) calculation. It can not only perform the general full band DFT + DMFT calculation, but also introduce the newly proposed natural atomic orbital as the function used by local projectors initially, in order to study the track of hairpin combined with tough water quality. The above two kinds of self-development code willingness section chief points as the center, to observe some examples together: Bachelor, Department of physics, Seoul University: doctor, Department of physics and astronomy, Seoul University ~ 2007.8: Doctor (Institute of theoretical physics, Seoul University) Research Institute (center of theoretical physics, Seoul University, Republic of Korea) ~ 2007.8: doctor, Davis Argonne National Lab; USA) now: KAIST physics department (Professor Zhao, associate professor) 45

Deveveloveloveloveloveventntntoolargeururororgecocoautcale coutaaationalveveveveveveveveveveveveloveveveloveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveloveveveveveveveveveveveveveveloveloveveveveveloveloveveveloveloveloveloveloveloveveveveveveveloveveveveveveveveveveveveveveloveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveventntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntiDA are typil exampless。 In a view point of computional methods,density functional is the most popular tool,and a lot of second-prist apris are used to understad the efefectory of toof toof tool star local stal ol stal ol stal loll ol stal ol st ol st ol st ol changel change ol,angel,ange ol My research group(mult iscale materials modeling laboratory)in University of Ulsan has been interested in the chedial or physical pries of ionic semiconducting or or or or or inlating rican has in Density functional calculations wers were usually used,but sometimes much larger scale methods were re requed For example,metal ionic transport can be citical in the defect area such as interface and the negative capacitance efect can be understood by studying domis in namis in noscale。 Due to theese requirements of large-scale computions,we are working on developing classical model potentials and phase feeld free energies optimize with density functional In this preentation,I am going to introduce tese large-scale methods, And explain how to test methods can be used to understand chemical physical phenomena that are diverse to be with density functional department of Chemistry Department of new materials engineering (Research Professor) - now: Department of physics, Weishan University (Professor Cao / Associate Professor / Professor / Professor)

48 Massive screenning for cathode active materials using deep network Professor GIST The demand for high capacity ies is ever ine for various aplius aptions ations ations ations ations ations aplations ations ations ations ations ations ations aptions ations ations ations ations aplations ations ations apppptions aptions ations ati Trementous research efforts have been devoted to discovering next-generation battery cathode materials,but finning a manding a magic chectal compound that sfites al all de de de de citatin de ssia ssigratin de sura sura sura sura sura sura sfia sfricathiteria ssia ssia sfitech se s mimal volume change and low ion migration barrier makes a highly complex probly to the vast materials space to expleore。 In this talk,I will describe our recent development that implents an efffiectient and accurate descural network(DNetwork)to adress import implant implant iment implets an efimprients an efimprients an efients an efients ante ante ante ante ante ante ante and actiefice and A total of three alternative cathode active materials for Mg-ion batteeries are identied thied therugh DNN and further inveth ab initio density functional calcultional Our calculations demonsthat the proost candidates not only atin higher energy den den cathat then caterials but also maintain low ion-migration onergy barier as mill mall mall ration Tese result s will shed a new light on designing beyond-li cathode active materials in future battery aplight on -Ph.D:Physics,Northwestern University(USA)-Postdoral researcher:UC-Berkeley,MIT(Professor:School of Materials Science and Engeeng,GIST 48

Finance, finance, finance, finance, finance, finance, finance, finance, calculation, technology, technology, technology, technology and Technology (T20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20) In the big data of agriculture, forestry and livestock industry, Professor Li Renfu (Seoul University) built a container based energy platform for these simulation activities. Kim Junji, CTO (Cable Industry Co., Ltd.) coffee break (Session 2: HPC benchmark industry integration technology II, Speaker: TTA] 15:40-16:10:10:40:40:40-17:20 nsml: a machine learning platform that enables you to focus on your models

50 IBM HPC technology trends and customer examples Minister of HPC technology of IBM in South Korea analyzes the reconstruction of HPC solution of high performance data (HPDA) and expansion of AI Studio Center in the field of existing high performance computing, starting from smart supercom building cases in 2018. The process of improvement and consolidation is proceeding rapidly. Recently, we introduced the trend of HPC's active use through customer examples, and made changes in the solution and foundation. -SGI Korea, HPC technology business and technical support, carry Korea, system meteorological office, No. 3 machine construction business - (Hyun) IBM Korea, HPC & sdigital technology business and development 50

51 IDC AI infrastructre research, researcher in charge, IDC Jin Minzhe AI, in order to forward the components of wigs, it is indispensable even for IT infrastructure. In the future, in the evolution process of AI, what kind of form will it foundation develop. -He has served as it infrastructure of server, story, network, etc. in the information protection department of chengjunguan University - IDC of South Korea for 8 years. Fifty-one

The importance of big data in agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry and the professor of Simulation Medicine: system engineering, shuangrenfu, University of Agricultural Life Sciences, Seoul University. In 1960s and 1990s, China's agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry realized the self-sufficiency of rice and the development of facility agriculture through green revolution and white revolution respectively. In 2000's, in order to realize the third leap of agriculture and forestry industry, the representative keywords are biology, seed, it, intelligence, etc. However, in order to develop our agriculture, we must overcome various situations and environments at home and abroad. Representative: global economic integration (unlimited competition), advanced Chinese Society (longevity era), development of science and Technology (integration technology era), impact of climate change (environment attaches importance to global food crisis (food shortage era), new value orientation (emphasis). ICT intelligent palm is one of the important ways to overcome this difficulty. In order to achieve artificial intelligence, the importance of becoming ICT data is very well-known, In order to construct reliable big data effectively, it is more and more important for Computer Simulation Medicine: Bachelor's degree of Agricultural Engineering Department of Jianguo University: Engineering and master's degree of Ohio State University: Engineering and master's degree of Ohio State University: Master's degree of Agricultural Engineering Department of University of Ohio Postdoctoral researcher, Ohio State Institute, USA ~ July 2001: special researcher, National Institute of agricultural engineering, Japan ~ February 2005: Institute of agricultural engineering, Institute of agricultural engineering, Korea Rural Revitalization agency

The construction of high energy computing platform based on 53 containers, the highest technical responsible person of Cable Co., Ltd. Jin Junji's high-performance computing work, has long-term and high-speed computing functions such as high price solubility, stability and dispersion processing. With the recent in-depth training, big data, streaming data processing and many other platforms and services that require high-performance computing, the speculation on the existing high-performance computing is expanding. GPU support, software management convenience, multi-functional city support and drawing flexibility. In order to meet these requirements, docker and other containers based on business technology began to have a high temperature in high-energy computing. However, the long-term stability and high-speed operation requirements of the existing high-performance seminar should be solved in the case of the container based family harmony technology. In this publication, the process of building a high-performance computing platform for in-depth data processing based on containers is introduced, and an example is given focusing on the introduction scheme of actual institutions. Computer Science at KAIST a Hadoop cluster mt service and particated in development of icube cloud patform in NexR。 -Built OTL service for all KAISTudents,operated for 6 years。 -Analyzed operations logs of a global-scale mult-tenant cloud service in MSR Camridge,UK。 Fifty-three

54 nsml: a machine learning platform that enables you to focus on your models is responsible for leading the nsml introduction of the machine motion platform used in research and development in naver naver. In order to complete the research and development process effectively, the Korean skills of the proposal are explained, and the effect of practical application is proved. -Graduated from Computer Engineering Science Society of Seoul University ~ ha entrepreneur ~ manager of red deddeddede

55 social data analysis and examples represent the activity of director Algar SNS, which makes many of your social data livestock. Based on the development of ICT technology, the foundation for analyzing vict technology is built. In this regard, enterprises or public institutions can grasp the reputation of products or services or policies in real time and get feedback through the analysis of various social data. This paper introduces the process of social data collection and classification analysis, and introduces the case of public welfare in the market: electronic computing engineer of Qingxi University: Master of IT management of Chongshi University: Doctor of engineering of Chongshi University - former researcher of Sanbao computer - Han Meicheng data system development- Representative director of alzas

By using the image analysis case of helicopter power design used by 56 HPC (high performance cluster), Korean Aerospace Industry Park nan'en can save the development schedule and cost of aircraft by using the image design and electric power analysis of the total wood industry (mock up). In order to describe the helicopter's power, Han Haishi's power interpretation, sound interpretation, ice interpretation, thermal interpretation, 6-DOF interpretation, etc. are needed. Therefore, S / W and HPC (high performance cluster) are related. In order to explain the power, the field of computational fluid dynamics has been used as HPC. The H / W of HPC is composed of the cluster (important component: CPU, RAM), the neckline system (important component and LAN card), the storage device (important component: file server, storage), and the login server / license server system. Most users need job schedule and monitoring program In order to analyze the power of computer effectively, we should consider the size of S / W and interpretation mode, and the capability of H / W. The explanation of computer power is more important than other explanations. When the computing power of CPU is increased, ram and network can be constructed within the scope of not reducing the function of CPU. The explanation case of helicopter power design is simple steady interpretation. In order to realize the size of interpretation models such as helicopter animation, unsteady interpretation and unsteady noise interpretation, the width of three hours is very large. The most efficient release method is the core Party's grid analysis, Can pass the core pawnshop remains disintegration stone demand time test, 1997.2: graduated from the Department of Astronautics of the University of Korea (Bachelor) to 1999.2: graduated from the Department of Aerospace Engineering of the general graduate student of the University of Korea Former researcher ~ 2019: Korean aerospace industry KHP business department, responsible researcher, responsible researcher ~ 2009: Qingshang University industrial system engineering department, concurrently professor ~ 2008: Department of Aerospace Engineering, Korean University, concurrently professor ~ currently: Korean aerospace industry development headquarters

57 workshop 5th SEP 2019, thou HPC policy (Location: Nanjiang C, bieguan B1F) * only relevant personnel participate. 13: 20-13:40 national ultra high performance calculation method according to the purpose of fact finding and the report of KISTI 13:40-14:40-40 national ultra high performance test fact finding project and the future plan

58 WORKSHOP 5 th Sep 2019. Thu super computer No.5 game introduction and the most applicable method (Location: 20-13:20-13:13:40 introduction and characteristics of nurion super computer No.5 machine installation 13:40-14:00-14:20-14:14:14:40 15:00-15:20:20:20:20-15:20:20:20:20:15:15:15:20:20-15:20:20-15:20:20-15:20-15:20-15:20-15:20-15:20 Introduction to the file system of Quan Minyu and bus buffer features and usage In order to make full use of the global multi-functional nodes, user technology supports Jiang Zhishun's artificial intelligence research and development with a few scope of artificial intelligence learning and verification right five classics engineering analysis software openfoam's No.5 machine utilization and user's active active active active active active active active active active active active active active active active active body structure segmentation, and uses the expansibility science and science of field self rescue team The secret of the development of Engineering Program: finite element atomic energy interpretation code and quantum chemistry program as the center, the development of Jiang Zhixun 58

59 super computer 5 nurion introduction and characteristics of former researcher an Daozhi super computer 5 Internet users (nurion) Linux based clothing grass parallel system, with the highest theoretical performance (rpeak) of 25.7pflops deduction. It is composed of global high-performance connection, large capacity parallel file system, computing node, burst buffer, etc. Interface network for connection between computing buttons and parallel file system communication, connected to 100 Gbps with Intel OPA (Omni path architecture). The computing nodes are Intel Xeon Phi Knights landing 8305 nodes of the benchmark processor and skylake 132 nodes of the x86 benchmark processor, which are 5700020 cores in total. In response, netizens have said that through such large-scale computing capacity, in order to improve the research, development, development, research and development capacity, to solve complex problems such as climate prediction or new drug development, or to solve dangerous and unnecessary problems such as new drug development, aviation experiments and other experimental solutions. In order to support the global development of Ginkgo biloba, it is carrying a variety of software and upgrading continuously. Through high-performance hardware and organic linkage, it strives to maintain the highest productivity: engineering history of Quanbei University: Master of engineering of Quanbei University: Master of engineering of Quanbei University: Master of engineering of Quanbei University: doctor of engineering of Quanbei University Korea Academy of science and technology information

Introduction to the GPU support assistant system (neuron) of 60 supercomputer No.5 According to the structure of aketech, in order to provide a variety of infrastructure without limiting the hardware aketech. Through the basic system of GPU, we can meet the demand of computing science field with excellent performance acceleration, machine learning / deep learning and GPU resource demand for the development of medical research and research projects in big data field. The neuron system uses the work method submitted by the work dispatcher (slurm). Through this publication, the user programming environment and the dispatcher (slurm) will introduce the studio: Bachelor's degree of Guangyun University: Master's degree of Guangyun University: doctor's degree of Guangyun University: doctor's degree of Guangyun University

61 parallel file system and bus buffer features and use methods former researcher Yin Junyuan, South Korean science and technology information researcher, supercomputer unit 5 nurion provides parallel file system and burst buffer for IO processing and data storage. Three lustry file systems are provided for parallel file systems. Each file system is composed of metadata server (MDS) of sfa7700 x storage group and OSS server of es14kx storage group. Lustre file system is mounted on computing node, login node and akaic server, and provides IO services. Bus buffering provides approximately 844 TB of capacity for nvme benchmark IO buffering that acts between compute nodes and parallel file systems. Bus buffers are small I / O or random I / O of parallel file system for I / O acceleration between computing node and memory (/ scratch). The performance improvement and functional energy dialogue of parallel IO are reloaded in phase 5. The goal of I / O is to improve the login node and computing node. Jun Yoon is a senior researcher in the Department of Supercomputing Center at Korea Inster of Science and Tecience in nology in formation(KISTI)since Also,he received M.reved.reame.reame.reame,reame,revente,reame,reame,ree,ree,ree,reame,ree,he,he,reventiventiventifreventer,reventer,he,he,he,he High Performance Computing(HPC),a supercomputer,is composed of complex and diverse systems and software。 He has been managing the hardware and system software in this fild for several years。 He also played a role in the introduction and construction of Nurion supercomputer,and he is still the operaor of this system。 His research interest fields are distributing,supercomputing,parallel filsystem,scheduling,etc.61

62 Euro service introduction responsibility researcher South Korean science and technology information researcher xianzajun KISTI super computer flag 5 is not only the HPC in the traditional field of living, but also requires to provide a good service environment for the field of artificial intelligence data. For this reason, it is necessary to provide the basic infrastructure and software platform of clowd computing technology as well as the tools for data analysis. Clywood services constructed in the world will provide users with a variety of required SW environments, and provide a super clywood based data analysis environment, providing an easier environment for data research. In this publication, I would like to introduce the current situation and multiple functions of building such a world-class scientific and technological service: Bachelor of computer science of QUANNAN University: Master of computer science of KAIST ~ now: researcher in charge of Korea Institute of science and technology information 62

63. The current situation of supercomputer user service: after the service of Jin Chengjun, a former researcher of science and technology intelligence of South Korea, opened, he looked up the statistical information of user consultation received, and explained the negotiation plan of minimizing consultation received repeatedly. And. As for the inconvenience matters raised in the annual customer satisfaction survey, the service improvement plan on relevant content description and user convenience issues, we will accept the feedback from the female users: Master degree of Computer Engineering Department of Hannan University: doctor's tuition of Computer Engineering Department of Zhongnan University ~ at present: KISTI Supercomputing Center 63

64 KISTI uses multi node user technology to support former researcher Jiang Zhishun, research fellow of science and technology information of South Korea Select 5 kinds, view more energy-saving, explore faster simulation schemes, and share them with users. Through the official publication, we share the results of some application software with multi node performance consolidation, and discuss the effective communication schemes for the results: B.S., Dept.of math and Meteorology (Double Major), Yonsei Univ: m.s.dept.of mep.of mep.of mep.of moth.of moseof monster of, and.and.of.of.of.of.of.of.of.of.of.of.of.of unniv.of Marrrlandlandlaland~ ~ 2012:Postdododoc,Dept t.of Atmosppric&ansisisisicalandlandarananananananananansisisisisictdododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododododo4.

In recent years, Quan Wujing, Research Institute of science and technology information of Korea, a research fellow selected for the Han Dynasty artificial intelligence learning verification of xuandu Institute of artificial intelligence research and development, in the research of artificial intelligence, in order to complete the high-performance computer concept of the spokesperson of vigta and big, is increasing day by day. Internet users of supercomputer 5 in high-performance computers conducted network verification for large-scale artificial intelligence learning verification. High performance shared file system and singularity container are used in the world, and 2048 sections of network data are confirmed to be parallel expansibility through this. In this publication, we want to share the test results: Bachelor of computer science, University of Korea: KAIST, master of computer science ~ now: KISTI super comurting, the first headquarters of the Department

66 engineering analysis software openfoam uses the design or engineering improvement of the openfoam system, automobile, ship, aircraft, architecture and other fields of South Korean science and technology information researcher Yin Taihao, the former researcher of No.5 engine and user activation, mainly used as the open source software for engineering interpretation in the field of heat flow. Countless mountain science and technology members around the world cooperate to develop and flexibly use the reliability of interpretation results of shared problems through openfoam. In addition, it can also expand the scope of complex analysis of common software level, and solve the door system of national life safety, such as typhoon, dust, fire, etc. Therefore, openfoam will have a great impact on the use of supercomputers. In this publication, openfoam is used to study the world's artificial oil and diffusion keynote of the open source software developed in Europe. In addition, it includes the characteristics compared with commercial software such as ANSYS fluent, the problems experienced by users and the opinions on improving the direction of support. World No.5 flag, especially in knl processor using ancient station temperature shell memory, has passed the optimization test and set the option usage method of effective performance of openfoam V5. X in May 2019. In addition, in order to use openfoam V5. X's brush, the GUI studio kistifoam v 1.0 and 5, which support pre-processing and post-processing, and yiyandong are introduced. No.5 user activation scheme for the application of GUI tool kistifoam KISTI education project for preprocessing with openfoam of juniper in the field of thermal flow interpretation ~ 1998: history of Aerospace Engineering Science of Korea University of Aeronautics ~ 2000: Aerospace Engineering and Shisi of Korea University of Aeronautics No doctor of mechanical aviation engineering, Seoul University 2002: former researcher of Korea Aerospace Components Development Research Center 2003 ~ 2006: full researcher of control instrument research center, Seoul University 2013: Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electronics, team information researcher

67. Expanded Responsibility Research Institute of field self-help group of semiconductor solid structure segmentation, South Korea Institute of science and technology information, Liu Xun, intell Xeon Phi Knights landing (knl) system communication costing are examined tight binding simulation of layouts dimenssions normally reach several tens of millions。 Speed and energy usage of our in-house Schroeedinger equation solver are bencehmarked in KNL system for restic modelling tasks,and are discussed ation solver the requagared reed requate re reed re reed reed reed re ree bence re ree benkerkerkerkerkerkerked berkerkerkerke Superiority in speed and energy-eficecienncey observerved in KNL systems jusify the practify the pricality of bootable manycore processors that by neare ady of largestary of lagestifstet by thergestary the the the the the the the in the the the the the uprifust in the uper aterh a demonstraatitition jjusthethentrontntntntanantatatatantntanantatatatatatatantntntntntantatatatatatatatatatantntntntntrontntrontananananananantatatantntntntanananantatatatatatatatatatatatatantntntnthththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththtntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntntnthththththththththththththththththththttttttttttttttultiplications,particulally compared to GPU-based systems。 -Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Department of Seoul University Master of Electrical Engineering Department of Stanford University doctor of electrical computer engineering of Purdue overall system LSI Business Department of Samsung electronic semiconductor

The secret of science and engineering program development: limited element atomic energy interpretation code and quantum chemistry program as the center, former researcher Cui chenghuan, science and technology information researcher of South Korea The development of engineering program itself is not only knowledge of various fields, but also inadequate understanding of numerical interpretation and software development theory, so it is not easy to interview. In addition, it is difficult to continue to develop code management without the secret of cooperative development. In this publication, domain name professionals need departments (collaborative development and lightweight maintenance) in the development of science and engineering projects. On this basis, the experience of developing the quantum chemistry software ace mollecule and the self explanatory program nufesol based on finite elements and the most conventional juxtaposition results of nurion will be revealed ~: KAIST, BS ~ KAIST, Ph.D ~ current: KISTI 68

20-13:20-13:20-13:20-13: National Institute of security technology) through the security intelligence of quantum network and song Chengyu (Academy of higher Sciences) through QKD to improve the vulnerability point of dynamic password to improve coffeee break [session 2: quantum cryptography communication system and establishment / kreonet security technology, Director: Zhao Zhenwu (Science and technology artificial system meeting)] 15:30-15:55:55:20:20:50-17:50-17:20:20 quantum optical system construction scheme: initial scheme of the quantum communication network of IDq kreonet and the application plan of KISTI and security technology mobilization (early stage of South Korea University) AI security technical SK infosec 70

A brief introduction of quantum information and their secure communication, a brief discussion on the main quantum equation algorithms such as the equation with the Academy of Sciences, and a brief discussion on the necessity of quantum cryptography / quantum secure communication. In order to understand the proposed quantum cryptography protocol and other action principles, we would like to discuss the legal rules of quantum mechanics ~ 2010: integration of physics and doctoral (quantum information / Computation) of Hanyang University. Yangzi machinery major - Seoul mass watch quantum control research group - Guangzhou and guangquanquanquanta information processing research group - (now) Academy of higher Sciences 71

72 BB 84 and quantum mechanics of quantum code, the former research institute of national security technology, is an existence that can not become any classical typical interconnection. The most in-depth research area of Li Shanghao's correlation may be their quantum entanglement and nonlocality. Interweaving force and non national voice can not be explained by national and classical methods, but there are obvious differences between the two phenomena. The local hidden variable model (LHV) is an indescribable nature, which is the relationship between the two countries' literacy in space and the classical communication that cannot be imitated. In addition, we can also consider the intermediate form of the two phenomena, but the other may be interpreted as a variable mode hidden by foreign countries, and the other is the connection that cannot be obtained through communication due to the contradictory situation of national literacy. If the two states are so strongly interrelated, we can manipulate the States bilaterally. Here we will observe the situation of the non-state whispers, the bondage and control of the two. What's more, these powerful quantum related discussions on how to make full use of bilateral secret signal proposals to prove it. Seventy-two

In this paper, Li Shengyu, a professor of security information transmission in quantum networks, published by the center for quantum cosmology research of the Academy of higher Sciences (Kias), increased the willingness of quantum teleportation, and 2) remote No.2 transmission and quantum cryptography. For the sake of the fundamental problems and difficulties to be solved in the scalable quantum work for long distance quantum communication, 3) In order to solve this latest research result, the publisher introduces the transmission method of security information through the newly proposed bilateral network: KAIST bachelor BSC, Korean Academy of science and technology; KAIST master MSC, Korean Academy of science and technology; DPhil, Ph.D., University of Oxford Fellowship: Dartmouth College, research associate ~ 2015: Assistant Professor BK, Seoul University ~: Professor of research, Kias quec, Academy of higher Sciences 73

Zheng Jiajun, a former researcher at the Institute of mathematics, Seoul University, improved the vulnerability of the East type password by 74 QKD. Generally speaking, the East type cancer indicates that there is no well-being password. According to the protocol of computer environment change and personal information disclosure, such as cloud computing, the recently concerned password system. Moreover, the security of enjing, the quantum benchmark assignment protocol represented by bb 84 protocol, has been proved for a long time, and it is under active research with commercialization as its goal. In spite of the prosperity of Eastern cryptography and the existence of various applications, problems will occur under the scenario that multilateral users need to reflect remote computing. In this publication, we will introduce the usage height assignment protocol, which can make the same type password multilateral remote computing method. Bachelor of science, Koryo University - Master of science, Seoul University (Applied Mathematics) - doctor of science, Seoul University

Hackers and security technology trend associate professor South Korea University's hacker incident bullied our government and people. In 2003, with the 1.25 network chaos as the starting point, the 7.7 DDoS attacks in 2009, and the 3.20 network terrorist attacks in 2013 and other countries' chaotic security history often occur. Since 2005, China has formulated the national virtual security management regulations, constructed the national network security intention, and quickly responded to the network crisis security control system. In this way, by analyzing the unknown attacks, the IDS system detected by the benchmark is too large-scale dddos corresponding system, which effectively blocks numerous attacks. On the other hand, hackers who are not satisfied with large-scale network attacks use apt attacks such as shuttle attacks, and also use a large number of attack methods such as public institutions and enterprise health care. However, at present, the security control system is the basic security control mode of network perimeter, which carefully analyzes the traffic on the network boundary, so it is difficult to prevent various attacks of hackers. In this publication, we introduce the latest hacker and security technology trend: the history of Computer Engineering Science of Qingbei University: Master of computer engineering of Qingbei University: Texas AM University, Dept.of computer engineering. Doctor ~ 2003: Korea Academy of science and technology information, high performance network security ~ 2009: Cisco system, hardware engineering ~ 2012: National Security Technology Research Institute

76 workshop 5th SEP 2019, thu latest network technology (place: ssion 1: SDN / nfv / P4 technology, :::: a (Softbank) SRV 6 prototype with P4 + Sonic + weedgebf hitota Kuwata (Asia System) evaluating gtp-u and SRV 6 stateless translations using programmable switch Zuozhang: KISTI] 15:30-15:50 15:50 15:50-16:10:10:16:30:30-16:50:50-17:17:20 phase detection and performance of group network Research on song wangzhe (Jizhou University) in order to secure the community and trust the IOT data collection method; research on the business technology of jinjingbai (QUANNAN University) open IOT platform construction; Shi Chengjun (Qingnan University) 76

77 In Network Computing Prototype using P4 Principal Researcher Toyota Motor Corporation Kentaro Ebisawa Connected cars are changing role of automobile by enabling mobility services which were not possible without massive data gathered from vehicles online. For example, predictive maintenance, automated and dynamic map, rated insurance based on driving history, etc. Amount of data to be processed is predicted to increase massively after introduction of 5G mobile services which requires move efficient way to process data than generalpurpose processors like CPU. In this talk, we will go over the challenges we face today, and show In Network Computing prototype using P4 on FPGA to process CAN (Controller Area Network) data gathered from vehicles ~ : Tokyo Institute of Technology ~ : Toyota InfoTechnology Center ~current: Lumina Networks, Inc ~current: Toyota Motor Corporation - Full history: 77 78 SRv6: the next-gen data-plane Technical Meister SoftBank Corp Satoru Matsushima Operators experienced deployment and operation of many networking technologies and repeatedly migrated one to next technology phase with certain portion of remained legacy assets. Now that the latest phase which the industry has reached at is IPv6 and Segment Routing. Here it is expected that promising use cases (e.g. Multi-access Edge Computing) will be deployed onto Segment Routing IPv6 (SRv6) and the legacy networks. This presentation will try to study how that use case deployment looks like on both SRv6 and the legacy networks ~ : Takuma National College of Technology ~ : Japan Telecom ~current: SoftBank Corp. 78 79 SRv6 prototype with P4 + SONiC + WedgeBF Senior Manager APRESIA Systems, Ltd. Hitoshi Kuwata 5G mobile network requires network slicing to manage several network applications which have different network SLA such as low latency, broadband and so on. SRv6 can realize network slicing by using SRv6 SID list as service chaining. SRv6 service chaining can be also key technology for edge computing. But current merchant silicon doesn t support SRv6, so we ve developed prototype of SRv6 service chaining with Barefoot Tofino capable of P4 data plane programmability. SRv6 service chaining also requires SRv6 nodes to speak BGP because SRv6 SID must have IPv6 reachability. So we run SONiC on Tofino to speak BGP. In this presentation I d like show brief overview of our prototype of SONiC + SRv6 on Tofino and demonstrate SRv6 service chaining in BGP-base IP CLOS fabric ~ : University of Tokyo ~ : Hitachi Cable, Ltd ~ : Hitachi Cable America, Inc ~ : Hitachi Metals, Ltd ~current: APRESIA Systems. Ltd. 79 81 블록체인네트워크위상검출및성능 교수계명대학교 주홍택 블록체인은대규모분산처리 P2P 네트워크에서운용된다. 본발표에서는블록체인 P2P 네트워크의위상검출방법과 P2P 가상네트워크의성능분석결과를논의한다. 논의주제에는노드의지역적분포를포함하여네트워크크기, 네트워크의안정성이포함되어있다. 현재계명대학교컴퓨터공학부교수이며한국통신학회통신망운용관리연구회위원장을역임하고있다. 2002년포항공과대학컴퓨터공학박사학위를취득하였고주로네트워크운용관에대한연구를수행하였고최근블록체인분야로연구범위를확대하였다. 네트워크운용관리구조에대한논문및연구과제를수행하였고특히무선네트워크관리, 통합네트워크관리, 트래픽모니터링주제로연구를수행하였으며최근블록체인네트워크로범위를확대하여블록체인네트워크에대한모니터링를주제로연구와과제를수행하고있다. 81 82 안전한네트워크운용을위한악성코드분석및언패킹기법 교수강원대학교 최미정 최근악성코드들은분석을회피하기이해 packing 기법과다양한회피무력화기법을사용하고있다. 본발표에서는패커를탐지하고이를언패킹하는기법을소개하고자한다. 현재강원대학교컴퓨터과학과교수이며, 한국통신학회통신망운용관리연구회운영위원으로활동하여왔다. 2004년포항공과대학컴퓨터공학박사학위를취득하였고, 2004년에서 2005 년까지프랑스 INRIA 연구소에서박사후연구원, 2005년에서 2006년까지는캐나다워터루대학박사후연구원을수행하였다. 연구분야로써, 네트워크모델연구, 악성코드등의정보보안연구등이있다. 82

Song wangzhe 5g, an Ibn (int based network) slist research professor of network administrator's fairy tales, in order to embody a variety of service values, has also been controlled by a variety of resources. Therefore, through a single physical basis, we can perform the dual functions of network gliding technology of various imaginary resources. In order to solve the complex problem of deciding to generate slides according to the requirements of various services, this paper introduces the Ibn (int based network) Symphony Orchestra platform. At present, he is a professor of Computer Engineering Department of Jeju University, head of enterprise of SW Central University, and member of Operation Management Institute of Korean communication society. He graduated from the Department of electronic engineering, Yanshi University in 1995 with a doctor of engineering. From 2001 to 2002, he completed the post death process in the University of Western Ontraio, Canada. As a field of concern, there are SDN / nfv, IOV (Internet of vehicles), blocks, etc. Eighty-three

Research professor of high trust IOT data collection method for 84 safe communities; jinjingbai safer intelligent community service of QUANNAN university is low-cost. Data collection and analysis research are introduced by using the cyber physical system (CPS) of IOT environment. At present, he is the electronic computer engineering couple of QUANNAN University, as the operation committee member of the operation and Management Research Institute of the Korean communication society. In 2007, KAIST graduated from electrical and electronic engineering and doctor's degree. From 2007 to 2011, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in University of Clifornia Irvine. Eighty-four

In order to realize 85 open IOT platform, this paper introduces an open IOT service platform of Shi Chengjun, a Technology Professor of Qingnan University, in order to build business technology. Using cloud / computing technology, virtual IOT diby technology can overcome IOT diby's physical drugs, be flexible, open, and embody active services. At present, he is an associate professor of Computer Engineering in Kyungnam University and a member of the operation and Management Institute of the Korean communication society. He graduated from the Department of electronic engineering of Gaoli university with a doctor of Engineering in 2003. From 2003 to 2004, he completed the postdoctoral research institute in the University of Arkansas in the United States. As a field of concern, IOT, VANET, SDN / nfv, network security, block chain, etc. Eighty-five

86 workshop 5th session 2019, thu kreonet practice association (Venue: Nanjiang a, bieguan B1F) [session 1: kreonet practice agreement meeting, Director: Yin Taizhen (Korean Academy of science and Technology)] 13:20-14:00 introduction of paperless, 14:00-14:40-15:10-15:15:30 network manager Kong Yu (Renhe University) kafe success story, Kim Jong Ho (Korean Academy of Medicine) CoFe break Shen Zhouji, chair: Shen Dongyu (Korean mechanical researcher) 15:30-16:20:20:20:20:20:20:20:20, 17:20, donation policy Lin Zhongxi (Weishan Academy of science and Technology) corresponding virtual currency mining discussion (National Institute of nuclear fusion) 86

87 network manager's case of Chinese character assimilation sharing Director (Network) it infrastructure of information and Communication Department of Renhe University Li dongxun's personal appearance tile Banner's diffusion, IOT and other trends in network infrastructure expansion. Therefore, in order to alleviate the increase of network operation business, we want to share and improve the operation environment through the recent open automation cases of the network. -History of Computer Engineering Science of Renhe university ~ June 2004: LG CNS foundation team ~ now: it foundation group of information and Communication Office of Renhe University 87

Kafe is the first research and Education Institute in China to jointly use ID to promote the cooperation of researchers. Our organization's motivation to join kafe service, kafe's system preparation for later stage library preparation, kafe linkage system and organization ID linkage procedure, kafe's application scheme introduced by later stage officials. -Master of engineering, Guangzhou Institute of science and Technology (GIST) - Korea Aerospace Research Institute - information and communication technologist, information protection expert 88

89 relevant cases of virtual currency mining and donation policy leader (responsibility) response case of technology group of Weishan science and technology expedition to illegal operation of virtual currency Lin Zhongxi and corresponding case of donation policy information technology group of POSTECH



96 바둑인공지능 바둑이 (BADUKi) professor Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) 이주영 알파고및알파고제로이후로, 여러분야에서, 인간의능력을뛰어넘는인공지능 (AI) 의연구및개발이보편화되고있다. 이발표에서는알파고및알파고제로의이해와이를이용한바둑인공지능 바둑이 (BADUKi) 의개발과정등에대하여발표하고자한다. 마지막으로는, 시간이주어진다면, 인공지능바둑 AI와인간최고수간의현재치수에대하여, 그리고최대가능한치수에대하여논의하고자한다 : B.A. Physics, Seoul National University : M.S. Physics, Seoul National University : M.S. Physics, Brown University : Ph.D. Physics, Brown University ~8.1992: Postdoctoral Appoint, Material Science Division, Argonne National Lab ~9.1994: Postdoc, Supercomputer Computations Research Institute, Florida State Univ ~9.1997: Research Associate, Dep of Biomathematical Science, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine ~9.2000: Research Associate, Dept of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell Univ ~2.2017: Director, Center for in silico Protein Science, KIAS ~present: Professor, Computational Sciences, KIAS 96 97 Tutorial 6 th Sep 2019, Fri 98 99 TUTORIAL 6 th Sep 2019, Fri PARALLEL PROGRAMMING WITH OPENACC ( 장소 : 거문고 C) 13:40-14:40 Introduction to OpenACC 이세용 (Computer Scientist) Oak Ridge National Laboratory 14:40-15:40 15:40-16:00 16:00-16:40 16:40-17:40 Advanced OpenACC Programming 이세용 (Computer Scientist) Oak Ridge National Laboratory Coffee Break Heterogeneous Computing with OpenARC 이세용 (Computer Scientist) Oak Ridge National Laboratory Hands-on Experience 이세용 (Computer Scientist) Oak Ridge National Laboratory 99 101 Community Forum 6 th Sep 2019, Fri 102 103 COMMUNITY FORUM 6 th Sep 2019, Fri 출연연중심 RE Together ( 장소 : 대금 ) [ Session 1: ScienceDMZ 기반빅데이터고속도로구축기술, 좌장 : 문정훈 (KISTI) ] 14:00-14:20 과학빅데이터를위한글로벌빅데이터고속도로동향및국내현황문정훈 (KISTI) 14:20-14:40 14:40-15:00 15:00 15:20 15:20-15:40 15:40-16:00 KSTAR ScienceDMZ 활용발표 (Large Data Transmission with Science DMZ) 박진섭 ( 국가핵융합연구소 ) 대용량센터의 ScienceDMZ 활용사례 (ScienceDMZ for Data Cetner) 김진 (KISTI) 페타스케일전송을위한 DTN 클러스터링기술적용홍원택 (KISTI) 데이터고속전송을위한유 무선통신기술동향김종호 ( 한국한의학연구원 ) Coffee Break [ Session 2: RE Together Project, 좌장 : 김대겸 ( 한국생명공학연구원 ) ] 16:00-16:20 16:20-16:40 16:40 17:40 17:40 18:00 출연연중심 RE Together 사업소개김기현 (KISTI) ScienceDMZ 환경구축및 DTN 튜닝이상권 (KISTI) RE Together 인프라튜토리얼및시연 (AI PaaS Network 소개 ) 김기현, 이상권 (KISTI) 출연연중심 RE Together 협력및활성화방안협의문정훈 (KISTI) 103 104 KSTAR ScienceDMZ 활용발표 (Large Data Transmission with Science DMZ) 선임기술원국가핵융합연구소 박진섭 2018년에 KSTAR는 11 번째실험캠페인을완료하였다. KSTAR는매년대용량실험및운전데이터를생성한다. 그리고 KSTAR 네트워크는 12 년동안운영되어왔다. 또한관련많은연구자들은 KSTAR와관련된기관및대학교에서 KSTAR의실험데이터를더빨리획득하고분석하려하였다. 하지만 NFRI에는 NFRI 및 KSTAR IT 리소스를보호하기위한수많은보안시스템이있었기때문에 KSTAR가 ScienceDMZ 모델을사용하여 100 기가비트이더넷의 KORENET에별도로연결하기전까지는이러한요구사항을지원할수없었다. 이에개선된 KSTAR 네트워크와 ScienceDMZ 모델, 그리고 WAN 구간의협업등에대한 KSTAR ScienceDMZ 활용사례를발표하려한다. - 한밭대학교학사졸업 ~ 현재 : 국가핵융합연구소 104 105 대용량센터의 ScienceDMZ 활용사례 (ScienceDMZ for Data Cetner) 담당한국과학기술정보연구원 김진 실험중심의연구에서데이터의활용은매우중요한부분을차지한다. 특히거대실험을위한다양한장비들에서생성되는방대한양의데이터를활용하기위해서는데이터의생산, 공유, 가공, 처리등의과정이매우중요한데, 이중에서데이터의공유를위해사용되는네트워크모델인 Science DMZ가실제로어떻게구축되어활용되고있는지에대해대용량데이터허브센터 (GSDC) 에서구축한사례를위주로알아본다 : 고려대학교, 학사 : 포항공과대학교, 석사 ~ 현재 : 한국과학기술정보연구원대용량데이터허브센터 105

106 DTN clus transmitted by feataskey is responsible for the petascale DTN project of science DMZ connection project between major supercomputer websites in the United States, which is published by Hong yuanzeben, a researcher of South Korean Academy of science and technology information. This paper introduces the DTN social technology of globus online based on related core technology. In addition, the super com 5 file system using high-performance DTN clean is related to introduce the current situation of system construction and construction. -Doctor, Department of computer engineering, chengjunguan University; currently: Research Fellow, Korea Institute of science and technology information 106

The trend of high-speed data transmission cable communication technology the large capacity data and 4K, 8K UHD ultra-high picture quality video and other databases of Jin Zhonghao and above of Chinese Academy of Sciences in charge of technology will be increased according to the lower level of data, and multiple communication technologies will be used to reduce the intake. The communication capacity is increased and the high-speed data transmission technology is developed. Wired high-speed communication technology is developing from network to 10GE, 100g, 400ge, wireless communication technology is expanding the popularity of smart phones, rapid communication technology is melting, mobile communication technology is more than 4G, becoming 5g virtual melting. Satellite communication technology Yintian area is preparing services for the network alienated class. In this publication, the trend of a kind of communication technology is published, with comprehensive high-speed data transmission. -Master of engineering, Guangzhou Institute of science and Technology (GIST) - Korea Aerospace Research Institute - information and communication technologist, information protection expert 107

108 science DMZ environment construction and DTN tupolo with more than ust rights of DTN doctoral course, sharing learning technology and know-how, explaining the background knowledge of science DMZ and SC 18 partition, and introducing the DTN hardware structure disclosed on esnet. About the core network, byebye, I / O dispatcher, file system, reed composition and other tuning topics in DTN tuning. Set up DTN in each research institution that joined the re together project, and introduce the process and results of revising the environment of science DMZ: the history of Computer Engineering Science of Zhongbei University: the master's degree of Computer Engineering Department of Zhongbei university ~ now: the doctor of science and Technology Information Science of science and technology graduate of science and technology joint graduate of science and technology 108

109 unity forum 6th session 2019, Fri education network / Research Network Community (Venue: gayaqin a) [session: kren & KRET cooperation seminar, Director: KISTI] 13:40-14:20 introduction to international situation and kafe (Korean access Federation) KISTI 14:20-15:00-15:40-16:00-16:00-18:00-18:00-18:00-ketorean actor ean actor ean actor ean actor ean actor ean actor ean achievement Federation (global field) Introduction to basic education services and introduction of MS technology center coffee break education network / research network cooperation discussion and query

The international status of 110 ID Federation and the introduction of kafe (Korean access Federation) to Zhao Zhenyong, a former researcher of Korea Institute of science and technology information, were published. The details of joint certification technology and the status of ID Federation in major countries were introduced. In addition, it introduces the domestic ID and kafe, and publishes the service status, application fields and technical development contents. -Doctor, Guangzhou Academy of science and technology ~ at present: Korea Academy of science and technology information 110

111 unity forum 6th SEP 2019, Fri kreonet cutting edge research support case Seat leader: Li Wanxi (University of South Korea)] 13:40-14:20 second invited mass black hole research of ship propagation interference system: the first photo of M87 black hole contributed by kreonet Zheng Taixian (Korean astronomical Institute) 14:20:15:00-15:40 15:40 15:40:16:00-16:00-16:00:16:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:00:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40:40: After the meteorological machine of the Academy of basic sciences, the current situation of the active use of DMZ in the community VR basic MP GMP education service dual materials (Korean Academy of science and Technology) 111

112 30 research groups of the Institute of basic science (IBS), it group of the Institute of basic science for large-scale analysis of herbaceous Technology Garden Research Institute for massive research. The progress research groups scattered all over the country use the kreonet network to jointly use the research electronic resources constructed by our institute. In order to meet the research needs of the research group, IBS has built supercomputer and clouster in the metadata center to jointly use the computing resources. In this publication, we briefly described the research of using supercomputers in IBS, in order to jointly use science MZ network between ibs-gist and kre-one network between IBS and Busan University. And. In order to integrate the scattered oscillating production resources, and to carry out limited planning of resource consolidation with data as the center, it is planned to discuss the history of physics and science of Fushan University in February, master of physics of Fushan University in August, doctor of physics of Fushan University (major in theoretical statistics and Biophysics) Former research institute of genetic materials Institute of Fushan University: postdoctoral researcher of Harvard University, USA: Physics of Busan university is indeed a professor

After the 113 meteorological machine, the community science DMZ made full use of the current situation. Yang Canyun, the National Meteorological Supercomputer Center of the unofficial meteorological department, developed science and technology, and produced most of the meteorological data in one day. However, due to the problems of network performance, it is difficult to exchange data in remote time. In particular, research institutions in the field of meteorology are for the purpose of processing large capacity gas phase data and fast network repair. The meteorological department is the will institute of KISTI. After the construction of community science DMZ in 2017, APEC Climate Center and meteorological machine, the operation of contact institutions is expanding every year. Through the construction of science DMZ, large capacity intention researchers are transmitted in real time, and efforts are made to activate research business. -Graduated from atmospheric science, Princess University (Bachelor): appointed by the meteorological department ~ now: working in the National Meteorological Supercomputer Center 113

114. The large-scale analysis of the guaranteed genetic bodies in the invisible single cells of our research group, through large-scale analysis. The information of somatic mutation possessed by each cell is used to explain the process of human cell development. In this publication, VIGDACT, a battlefield genetic body, will be created from a single cell. Through large-scale calculation and precision analysis, the explanation process will be explained: Bachelor of Medical University, Seoul University Medical University; Bachelor of Medical University, Medical University, Medical University, Seoul University Medical University, Doctor (Biochemistry) ~ 2015: postoral low: Wellcome Sanger Institute ~ now: Assistant Professor and associate professor of KAIST 114

Cui chenghuan, a researcher in charge of space weather big data network, runs the center for space environment research, which combines basic research, application technology and service development related to the sun and space environment. Since the black spot observation in 1987, a variety of space environment observation equipment has been developed, especially a new generation of sunglasses has been developed in cooperation with NASA recently. In order to study the solar activities and the changes of the cosmic environment, not only the data of its own production, but also a variety of domestic appearance measurement data and analysis data are used. Recently, tens of petabytes of cosmic transformation data have been produced in several petabytes. The management, analysis and utilization of these data are necessary technologies for big data. Based on the ultra-high speed research network, Korea astronomical research institute has built a data system of large capacity storage, annual production community, open software, artificial intelligence software technology and other organs, and built a big data system cosmic ring data network. -Master / doctor of science, Department of space science, Kyunghee University

Using 116 kreonet's VR basic MP GMP education service responsibility researcher (in) real sense exchange human body induction solution research group dual material (in) After the validity of the co-existence reality software framework developed by the real sense communication human body induction solution research group was verified in the laboratory, the actual service was demonstrated on the domestic research network. As an example, I would like to introduce the distance GMP education service in the joint research with the doctor name Institute of Seoul University Hospital, as well as the validation. In order to ensure the professional strength of GMP and other manufacturing engineering, the first is practical experience in production and engineering equipment, but the current 2-3 days of short-term refresher courses based on unilateral lectures are difficult to meet. In order to solve this problem, as on the spot, the development of VR basic education system experienced and trained by educators provides the platform with: Bachelor of Chongshi University, master of computer college, computer major of general Postgraduates: computer major of Chongshi University: Doctor of Chongshi University, General graduate school computer major ~ 2010.2: Korea and Technology Research Institute, robot researcher, postdoctoral researcher of robot center ~ 2013.6: responsible researcher of future it Integration Research Institute / ADAS Group Responsibility Research Institute of LG Electronics Electronics Electronics Electronics Technology Institute

117 COMUNITY FORUM 6 th Sep 2019. 40 recent activities of deep learning in Experimental High Energy Physics Prof. Liu Huiquan (Seoul University), Prof. ganssiulatition (Korea University), Prof. appppplacement (aptition) (Korea University), Prof. aalllllllllllllllllattiattttiattticll, Prof (Qingshang University) coffee break [session 2: the] 15:40-16:00-16:20-16:40-17:00-17:00-17:20 deep learning for a hunter Professor Park Mingxun (Seoul and look forward to) what can learn, and how? Frirstststststeps with a broaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadinanananananananananananananananananananananananananananananaststudddstudddddddractudpepeperrstudrastudractudractudrapepepepeperstristristristristraperrrrrrstraperstristrapepeperstristrapepeperstristrastristrastrastrastrastrastrastrastrastrastrastrastarstarstrastrastrastrastrastrastarstpepeperst18:00 Discussion all 117

118 high energy physics in the kisti-5 supercomputing Era. Let us discuss on the application and usages of KNL-based system of KISTI-5 supercomputer for higy physics。 The goal of this talk is to have in-depth dission about technical issues and solutions on high permance computing with intel KNL cluses for high enery physicuse Let me show some of potential for future works which are evolution of universe, giant 4, deep learning and so on Ph.D ~: Professor hired by Qingbei university ~ at present: researcher in charge of Korea Institute of science and technology information ~ at present: KAIST physics and part-time professor ~ at present: Professor (UST) of Joint Graduate University of science and technology

119 recent activities of deep learning in Experimental High Energy Physics. Through this news, in order to improve the sincere and technological second generation research system and results, we are looking forward to it. At present, in the field of high-energy physics experiment, in-depth training in relevant fields is introduced, and the effect of intention in relevant fields is discussed: BSC, Yanshi University: Ph.D., Brown University ~ 2014: postoral research, purduciate, Purdue University ~ present Professor: (former professor:) Seoul University

120 Gan simulation Professor: Physics of Koryo University and general advisory network (GAN) method was developed as a way to MIC existing data. It was first applied to image pattern recognition applications. In this talk, we will show an application of Gan in high energy physics (HEP) and discussion how it may come an independent tool in high in high in high energy physics Professor of Physics Department of Chengjun University: Professor of Physics Department of Gaoli University: physics course of Gaoli University

Application of deep learning for CMS top quark analysis. In the CMS experiment and other positive magnet experiments, when the activity is reconstituted, the performance can be improved in many aspects, while the collapse process of tower query can fully ensure a large number of data in the framework of the standard model, so in order to verify the new data analysis method. The barber table introduces the applicable examples in the data analysis of tower door query in CMS: Astronomy and cosmology / Physics Bachelor of Yanshi University: Master of physics of chengjunguan University (Physics Experiment of high energy University): Physics Experiment of chengjunguan University Professor of physics structure in Hanyang University

122 deep learning for ASSY search at CMS Professor Wen Changcheng (ASSY) subjects is considered as elect solution to many current probint in part pricuse physics No direct evidence for SUSY been observed yet the CMS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider(LHC)。 In this talk,we exploore the deap lending technique for RPV-SUSY search basearch based on low-level calorimeter and tracker information GPU and mult-node CPU arch CPU archechechechech ech Kituetuetuetuetuech(Xech notue on noture on notuever Kimtuech Kim Search Kim Search Ki Rarrarrarrarrarrarrarrarrararnergy physics, Seoul National University ~ 2014: Associate physicist, INFN Pisa, Pisa, Departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures, departures

123 progress in dune experiment Professor Jin Shiyan Dune (deep underground neutrino experiment) experimental Bank of Central University, USA Peru Research Institute, through shorthand induced neutrino, resulting in 1300 km of neutrino, vibration experiment, long-range vibration experiment in underground experiment. As an insity frontier experiment with high density and power, it is solving the current situation of neutral beauty physics and promoting a new physics system. In the CERN neutrino platform, protodune began to collect data when testing during assembly, and developed the TDR of the physical technology plan of the original testing machine. The design of the compound detector is converging according to the scientific target exploration in the short distance detection period. The barber table will share the results of the dune experiment and the relevant virtual experiments. -Ph.D., Department of physics, Central University of Arts and Sciences, Ph.D., Department of physics, Indiana University, Professor, Department of physics, Central University, dune collaboration, Korean representative 123

In this talk, I world like to discuss how one can utilize deep learning (DL) technology for the priority element of ment higs like of I will also talk about how one can apply DL prily to the LHC physics in reality。 Long ~ 2000: b.s.kaist ~ 2002: m.s.seoul National University ~ 2011: ph.d.the University of Florida ~ JRG leader, APCTP ~ research, ibs-ctpu-ctu-curnt: Seoul University of science and technology

126 What can learn and how? First steps with a broad-resource study Professor Zhao Chengxun Zheng deep learning has a potential to extend our knowledge com mon sense. What can we learn and how do we acthat? In this talk,I will describe our very first steps toward answeering them,based on an example study of broad-resonance searches at LHC。 The broad-resonance search is a problapriate to appply deep learning,as we do not know best answers,a priori。 We asked a machine for an answer:we trained a fully-connected deep neural network for tbar broad-resonance searches,and applied three methods to exthat to extractork ther nethat work therk therk therk therk therk ther We will sumarize the results of this study:BS Physics at Postech:Ph.D Physics at University of Michigan:Postdoc at University of Chicago:Postago:Post KIAS:Post KIAS at

127 Ultra-light scalar dark matter and galaxies 부교수중원대학교 이재원 We show that ultra-light scalar dark matter (fuzzy dark matter) in galaxies has a quantum mechanical typical acceleration scale, which leads to the baryonic Tully-Fisher relation. Baryonic matter at central parts of galaxies acts as a boundary condition for dark matter wave equation and influences stellar rotation velocities in halos. Without any modification of gravity or mechanics this model also explains the radial acceleration relation and MOND-like behavior of gravitational acceleration found in galaxies having flat rotation curves. This analysis can be extended to the Faber-Jackson relation : 서울대학교천문학과학사 : KAIST 물리학과석사 : KAIST 물리학과박사 : 프랑스 CNRS 박사후연구원 : 고등과학원연구원 & 조교수 현재 : 중원대학교부교수 127 128 Dark matter (DM) imposters at colliders : beyond the minimal Higgs portal 교수고등과학원 고병원 In this talk, I discuss a possibility that the missing ET signatures at colliders are due to the DM imposters, which eventually decay outside the detectors into DM of the universe. In this case one can disconnect the strong correlation between the collider signatures and DM direct detection experiments. This is a kind of Higgs portal to nonminimal dark sectors : 서울대학교학사 : 서울대학교석사 : Univ. of Chicago 박사 ~1994: Univ. of Minnesota 박사후연구원 ~1997: 홍익대학교조교수 ~2005: KAIST 물리학과부교수, 교수 ~ 현재 : 고등과학원물리학부교수 128 129 암흑물질연구의새로운동향 교수연세대학교 박성찬 기존의 WIMP (weakly interacting massive particle) 를중심으로한암흑물질연구는최근보다다양한암흑물질후보군에대한다각적인연구로확장되고있다. 특히은하사이즈의파장을갖는 Fuzzy dark matter, 암흑물질간의자체상호작용이중요한역할을하는 Self interacting dark matter 그리고암흑물질이한가지입자가아닌여러입자로이루어지며표준모형섹터와상호작용하는입자는상대적으로가벼운 Boosted dark matter, WIMP의질량한계를넘어서는 Superheavy Dark matter 등다양한입자물리학적가능성들이제시되었다. 본발표에서는각암흑물질모형의특성을대별하고향후검증가능성에대해서논의한다 : 이학박사서울대학교물리학과 - 코넬대학교연구원 - 동경대학교 IPMU 특임연구원 - 성균관대학교부교수 - 연세대학교교수 129 130 COMMUNITY FORUM 6 th Sep 2019, Fri EDISON 커뮤니티포럼 ( 장소 : 가야금 B) [ Session 1: EDISON 커뮤니티포럼 (1) - 이학 ] 13:40-14:10 Modulization of Quantum Chemical Software for Web Platform 최철호교수 14:10-14:40 14:40-15:00 15:00-15:20 Workflow를이용한 SIESTA와양자소자분석소프트웨어활용이준호박사신약개발시심장독성 screening을위한컴퓨터시뮬레이션심은보교수 Coffee Break [ Session 2: EDISON 커뮤니티포럼 (2) - 공학 & 플랫폼 ] 15:20-15:35 15:35-15:50 15:50-16:05 16:05-16:20 16:20-16:40 16:40-17:40 EDISON 전산열유체전문센터대표소프트웨어소개및활용사례박수형교수 EDISON 구조동역학센터대표 SW 소개신상준교수 EDISON solution system에서의구조최적설계기법구현윤길호교수고시원복도폭변화에따른화재시뮬레이션허룡연구원 EDISON 플랫폼활용안선일박사 EDISON 커뮤니티발전방향논의 EDISON 전문센터장 130 131 Modulization of Quantum Chemical Software for Web Platform 교수경북대학교 최철호 The innovations of quantum chemical software(qcs) are largely hindered by the closed development environments. To alleviate the situation, the modulization of QCS is becoming important, thereby accelerating scientific software developments. A web platform for MQCP (Modular Quantum Chemistry Package) has been created to support (1) modulizations of scientific software, (2) sharing and exchanging modules and ideas, and (3) interoperating the modules for general use. In this talk, the concept of MQCP shall be explained. The final goal of MQCP is to provide innovative Computational Science App Development/ Market/ Research Environment Platform with Cloud Computing ~1992: B.S. and M.S. in Chemistry, Seoul National University ~1998: Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Georgetown University ~2001: Post Doc. at Iowa State University ~current: Professor of Chemistry, Kyungpook National University 131

Recently, Li Junhao, a researcher in the application research and training of 132 workflow siesta and quantum element analysis software, was in the water quality or knock on mechanical mountain. According to the expansion of its calculation range and application degree, it is required that more super speed be needed for calculation, and closer computer is required for calculation. In this case, the users or agencies with such a system are mainly used for calculation research. In recent years, the development of cutting-edge scientific and educational herbs has contributed to the expansion of the research on common material computing for deconstructed kraster system and escape service. In the process of extracting the quantum information of matter, we build the website of Edison on the basis of siesta and critical quantum analysis software. The quantum analysis software transmits the quantum Telegraph of matter to siesta through workflow, and derives the voltage current characteristics of the child. We briefly introduce the startup mode of siesta and quantum small software: Ph.D. of Physics Department of Busan University

During the development of new drugs, one of the problems whether the heart of Jiangyuan University, a computer simulation professor of cardiotoxicity screening, will produce the need to protect the development of new drugs is cardiotoxicity during drug penetration. For this reason, animal experiments and clinical trials are being carried out, which will cost a lot of money. Recently, it is forbidden for animal experiment to spread all over the world. In order to test the toxicity, the cold zone experiment is an urgent fact. The toxicity test using computer simulation test is your title method. In this lecture, the computer simulation model of cardiac cells, tissues, organs and thorax was introduced to analyze the cardiotoxicity during the development of new drugs. Results calculated for validation are compared with clinical or experimental results. In addition, the toxicity analysis results of 7 kinds of virtual hearts for drugs are introduced by using the computer simulation analysis of toxicity. At the same time, the current trend and limits of arousal technology of people all over the world and the future direction of Yifa: Seoul public atmospheric system department, engineering department: KAIST Mechanical Engineering Department, master of Engineering: KAIST Mechanical Engineering Department, engineering major, engineering department, doctor of Engineering (Fluid Mechanics): Department of medical research, Kyoto University, Japan, Doctor of Medicine: MIT mechanical engineering, post doc ~: Harvard MIT Health Science & technology, researcher ~ now: Department of mechanical engineering, Jiangyuan University, Professor 133

134 professor of software introduction and application examples of Edison electronic fluid professional center; representative software (SW) of Aerospace Information System Engineering and applause type Edison electronic computing fluid field of Jianguo university is representative software of 2D incom & P, 2D & comp & P and kflow Edison field. Each SW can perform the universal flow interpretation of the quadratic element, which has the characteristics of parallel operation based on MPI. In the post-war process, in order to make students easy to use the special grid and special program (EGA), the special post-processing program (ediava) is used. Recently, in the website, we can confirm the frozen results through the error chart in the calculation process and after the calculation, and use the animation function on the network for the analysis of the intending hell plan data with abnormal imagination and too flowing. So far, about 11000 students are using the course of Edison electronic cooling fluid SW at the end of the course, and deepening the project through some school scale projects. EDIS on electronic cooling fluid celebration conference is jointly held with South Korea electronic oil production body union Autumn Art Conference. Excellent papers and metadata data saved by Edison server provide internship content and encourage students' research activities. Furthermore, in the research program (URP) of the science and innovation consortium of Korea, the ultimate goal of Edison, which helps students to study spontaneously, is to meet the following requirements: Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering, Korean Academy of science and technology, master of Aerospace Engineering, Korean Academy of science and technology: Ph.D. in aerospace engineering, Korean Academy of science and technology ~ 2005: State Institute of arithmetic, Louisiana, former Institute ~ 2006: Korean Academy of science and technology, Ph.D. Institute, postdoctoral Institute ~ now: Professor, Department of Aerospace Information System Engineering, Jianguo University

On behalf of SW, 135 structural dynamics center introduced professor, new product of Mechanical Engineering Department of Seoul University, quasi Edison structural dynamics center. Based on the dynamic interpretation of the main part of pioneer aided dynamics, mechanical / aviation, civil / architecture, Developed a rescue dynamics project that can only take advantage of the specialized research in the part of automobile growth. In addition, considering the user's convenience, the program developed at the same time developed a cashable electric processor / postprocessor. At the same time, the developed programs and related contents are applied in various fields such as university lecture education and SME support in China. In this publication, the detailed classification representative program of Edison structural dynamics center is introduced, showing the preprocessor / postprocessor and active examples developed by ourselves. The details to be introduced are as follows. -Non linear analysis program of geometry - CASAD solver & integrated - material model analysis program Master of Aerospace Engineering of Seoul University: Master of Aerospace Engineering of M.I.T of the United States: Doctor of Aerospace Engineering of M.I.T of the United States ~ 1996: Institute of national defense science will benefit the body, lovelorn rescue ~ 2003: post doctoral researcher of Aerospace Engineering of University of Michigan Mr. and Mrs. professor of mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, Seoul University

In the 136 Edison solution system, Yin Jihao, a professor of Hanyang University, is still designing the most appropriate design techniques. He integrates the SW of electronic design, making use of the system of confirming the initial concept of product design process and the SW of virtual trend. According to the specific design process and given conditions, the best design value reflected, or the thermal fluid or structural dynamics and the communication with the same system, a series of product development processes can be educated by using the SW process of characteristics in various fields. For this comprehensive SW education, the preliminary concept description and the unskilled will also focus on the user interface and use method description, using the network ballpoint pen technology to develop the most accessible design system. A system that requires a high degree of completion for industrial volume, In order to supply small and medium-sized enterprises with spare parts, the interface of commercial design system adapted by large enterprises has been developed, so it can support international standards and data types of commercial CAD ~ 2004: Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Department of mechanical design, Seoul University, learning, stele, stele, etc. Ph.D. - Assistant Research Professor of Danish University of Engineering - Qingbei University: full lecturer, Zhaoyang University: Professor Zhao, associate professor, Professor, Professor

With the change of the corridor of 137 examination institute, Xu long, a fire simulation researcher in Yanshi University, recently increased the number of original pictures in the examination every year, as well as the casualties and property losses. Especially last year, the fire at the old ancient origin of Zhonglu became a hot topic among the 18 casualties. According to the main media science and technology research, the main reason is the dense structure and narrow channel of the deliberation. The problem of this view is that it ignores the factor of fire diffusion, that is to say, it ignores the thermodynamic view. In this study, Edison fire simulation model based on fire thermodynamics simulation is used to verify the relationship between corridor width and fire from the perspective of thermodynamics. In the experiment, 780 mm corridor width and 1200 mm of standard safety value were simulated to observe the changes of heat speed and temperature. The experimental results show that the width of the corridor is very large, and the variation of the heat sowing speed and temperature is even greater. Through this study, it is not necessary to increase the range of corridor in building materials, but to analyze various building needs at the same time, considering ~ 2011: Yanbian University, Bachelor of architecture ~ 2015: Interior Design of National University, master's degree, current: Life Design Department of Yanshi University, Doctoral Course 137

142 Predicting protein-ligand binding affinity using the ensemble of 3Dconvolutional neural networks 강원대 이주용 Accurate prediction of the binding affinity of a protein-ligand complex is essential for efficient and successful rational drug design. In this work, a new neural network model that predicts the binding affinity of a protein-ligand complex structure is developed. Our new model predicts the binding affinity of a complex using the ensemble of multiple independently trained networks that consist of multiple channels of 3D convolutional neural network layers. Our model was trained using the 3740 protein-ligand complexes from the refined set of the PDBbind database and tested using the 270 complexes from the core set. The benchmark results show that the correlation coefficient between the predicted binding affinities by our model and the experimental data is higher than 0.72, which is comparable with the state-of-the-art binding affinity prediction methods. In addition, our method also ranks the relative binding affinities of possible multiple binders of a protein quite accurately. Last, we measured which structural information is critical for predicting binding affinity. Keywords: Binding affinity prediction, Protein-ligand binding, Convolutional neural network, Ensemble method 142 143 String method for Protein-Protein Binding Free Energy Calculation 이화여대 서동혁 We use the string method to separate the protein complex along its minimum free energy path (MFEP) starting from the bound complex. A few cycles of umbrella sampling are repeated till we fully separate the complex, and the free energy along sampled region is determined by the dynamic weighted histogram analysis method (DHAM). We define MFEP upon this free energy surface, using it as a string to compute the free energy difference between the bound and unbound complex. We validate the string method by comparing straight and curvilinear pathways. When comparing total of three results, where two results are acquired from analyzing the straight path simulation with both conventional PMF method and string approach and one result is from curvilinear path, they agree quantitatively with one another. We measure the performance of string method by testing it upon specific protein-protein benchmark systems. Our results indicate that the method can bring a significant speedup for biomolecular systems. 143 144 String method for Protein-Protein Binding Free Energy Calculation 서울대 이원보 At the liquid-gas critical point, the boiling curve terminates and the two phases merge into a single phase of supercritical fluid (SCF). SCF shows an anomalous blend of liquidlike and gaslike traits, which not only leads to industrial applications, but also raises questions on the fundamental physics that governs its exotic physicochemical behaviors. In this work, we answer this question by identifying liquid-like and gas-like molecules coexisting in the SCF, captured by machine learning analysis on simulation data. The deltoid coexistence region encloses the Widom line, and it may therefore be termed the Widom delta. The number fractions are found to follow simplified two-state thermodynamics model, and are closely related to the magnitude of supercritical anomaly which originates from the fluctuation between microstates. Furthermore, we provide evidence that the microstate number fraction is a more fundamental descriptor of supercritical fluid compared to conventional order parameters, e.g. bulk density. These results strongly support modeling the SCF as a mixture of two interchangeable microstates, of which macroscopic properties arise from the microscopic partitioning of the space by molecules. Keywords: Per-atom Identification, Supercritical Fluid, Machine Learning, Widom Line, Frenkel Line 144

146 Multiferroicity in atomic van der Waals heterostructures UNIST 이근식 Materials that are simultaneously ferromagnetic and ferroelectric multiferroics promise the control of disparate ferroic orders, leading to technological advances in microwave magnetoelectric applications and next generation of spintronics. Single-phase multiferroics are challenged by the opposite d-orbital occupations imposed by the two ferroics, and heterogeneous nanocomposite multiferroics demand ingredients structural compatibility with the resultant multiferroicity exclusively at inter-materials boundaries. Here we propose the twodimensional heterostructure multiferroics by stacking up atomic layers of ferromagnetic Cr2Ge2Te6 and ferroelectric In2Se3, thereby leading to all-atomic multiferroicity. Through firstprinciples density functional theory calculations, we find as In2Se3 reverses its polarization, the magnetism of Cr2Ge2Te6 is switched, and correspondingly In2Se3 becomes a switchable magnetic semiconductor due to proximity effect. This unprecedented multiferroic duality (i.e., switchable ferromagnet and switchable magnetic semiconductor) enables both layers for logic applications. Van der Waals heterostructure multiferroics open the door for exploring the lowdimensional magnetoelectric physics and spintronic applications based on artificial superlattices. Keywords: DFT calculations, magnetocrystalline anisotropy.ams Mathematics Subject Classification: 146 147 Implementing Pythonic Interfaces for Large-Scale Automation of Grain Boundary Simulations and Applied Machine Learning 포항공대 Matthew T. Curnan The simulation of grain boundaries (GBs) can readily become a high dimensional problem, particularly when relating simulation results to multiple corresponding experimental systems that differ across eight structural degrees of freedom (DOFs), composition, and other variables. Furthermore, the complexity of this problem is improved when attempting to specify contributions to GB properties, relating them to one another via models of physical phenomena over the scope of these variables. Over the course of this work, a comprehensive dataset of GB properties is rapidly produced through an interface linking automation procedures developed in Python, the Python/LAMMPS interface, and parallelization provided by mpi4py. The contributions related to these properties are isolated by DOF variations, then distinguished from one another by inferential statistics and machine learning techniques. Using rpy2, the Pythonic interface to the R statistical software platform, Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling and related statistical procedures are completed en masse over DOF combinations. These combinations are formed by the low-angle (LA), high-angle (HA), or low-σ CSL physical phenomena characterizing them. The rpy2 interface is employed to classify LAGBs, HAGBs, and low-σ CSL GBs by these isolated property contributions, implementing linear (LDA) and quadratic (QDA) discriminant analyses a priori. Sample heat map results indicating classification accuracy over different combinations of considered GB properties and DOFs are shown. Keywords: Machine Learning, Grain boundary, Python, parallelization, Bayesian Modeling. 147 149 Off-centered last-passage Monte Carlo algorithm for the charge density on a conducting surface GIST 황치옥 We further develop the last-passage Monte Carlo algorithm for the charge density on a flat conducting surface by deriving a generalized last-passage Green s function on the flat surface. In the previous research, we used a centered Green s function on the flat surface. In the new lastpassage algorithm, we can use also an off-centered point on the surface inside the Green s function hemisphere. To demonstrate the algorithm, we calculate the charge density on a circular disk and find that our result agrees very well with the analytic solution. 149 150 151 EXHIBITION 151 152

153 researchers' AWS public sector project introduction to AWS introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS) craywood platform with the advantages of high trust, expansibility and low cost, large enterprises in 190 countries around the world, government agencies, starting point and starting point So far, there are millions of customers. Since 2006, through Amazon's own back-end technology platform, it has provided network services for developers' customers and started its business. Such network services are now widely known as closer computing. More than 165 services of AWS are provided by digital AWS research and technical calculation in 20181, 957 new functions and services are on the market in 22 regions, 69 availability zones, 187 points of presence time to science researchers have paid in a few minutes to access low cost policy elastic simply increases capacity and clears 5000 government agencies, 10000 educational institutions Using students from more than 200 countries of AWS, and educators' research institutes operate 96% of R1 research institutions on education related technology and online courses in AWS, using AWS (environmental protection University, Arizona State University, notebook college, etc.) to work together with researchers all over the world to protect personal information Toolbar scalable effectively access the public sector applications and benefits of Wuhan academy of Chinese characters AWS cloud credits for research AWS cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud The research can focus on the research server, and speed up the research results through high-performance computing. The program of AWS research initiative is a collaboration between National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institutes of heart (NIH), and supports the wonders in the fields of computer, biology and science. Artificial intelligence, mechanical learning, in-depth data, Internet of things and the highest new technology and platform, support researchers to speed up innovation. If you want to learn about AWS public sector services and procedures, please contact the AWS public sector manager or visit our website.

For 154 AI and the best entertainment platform of deep sports HPE Apollo 6500 Gen 10 system, the agility HPE server has the most CPUs, and it is the highest security, security and security community in the world of commercial acceleration security. Based on industry standard server, providing extreme it protection, providing pay as you go system, using consumption mode, saving operation cost, HPE Apollo 6500 Gen 10 system, the industry's highest GPU, high-speed GPU interconnected, high width cloth tie rod and matching GPU gpuroakerroakerroot Ideal HPC and deep motion platform for performance. In order to make the best use of AI and deep motion functions, we need to learn and infer by ourselves, and determine the special computing power of the most appropriate course of action in real time. HPE Apollo 6500 Gen 10 system is the best platform to realize deep learning. civilization

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156 edamst ed 4724 workstation dream I system company overview company's famous business places dream I system server / W production and supply, claration s / w w s and W Seoul pineapple District 298, 510 cherry blossom (jiashandong, the whole world) 24 business employees Idream system is a x86 and GPU server development / supply professional enterprise, which is carrying out large-scale HPC and community building work. In addition, FPGA, ASIC System, liquid cooling server, customized server development technology. Through the cultural service cultivation and accumulation of various industries, technology and high technology technical capabilities, the hardware, solution and network are organically combined to provide effective integrated services. Recently, the core AI of the fourth industry, the in-depth GPU based computing platform, has become an enterprise guided by the rapid technological force of the times. Development of tuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntuntun Supply: liquid cooling, OCP, blade IT consulting, conservative service IT consulting service IT consulting service IT consulting service, supermarket repair computer, reservation management Linux, Ms professional engineer reservation dream, Ltd.

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