you need to know five kinds of the island

Posted by trammel at 2020-02-16

You need to know five kinds of the island

After shutting down computers or encrypting files in the past few years, malicious programs designed have infected millions of computers around the world.

One PC is not only dangerous. Most old island guards are window computers. This is the most famous operating system of windows. Recently, Andro Landau Weil started to operate, and also found that the island infected with Linux server and other deformation.

Security experts have shown that it's easy to make Blue Island suits for Mac OS X or smart TV. In particular, other machines may be targeted in the future.

Two The law is far away and the activities of the judicial authorities are meaningless. In order to eliminate the old island of will, the successful cooperation between the judicial authorities and private security enterprises has been successful. The most famous example is the operation Tovar in 2014, when the game over Zeus eliminated the infamous High Island clothing program "cryptolocker" released by never never never netnet.

Most judicial authorities do not have the strength to fight against long island, especially the variant of hidden monitoring server in anonymous network.

In October last year, the government authorities, police and hospitals were infected with sponge for a long time, and the case of distributing money to criminals caused great repercussions. In this case, the FBI allowed the hostage value to be provided if the victim organization had no backup or other countermeasures.

Three Backup, backup, backup, backup multiple users are backing up their sensitive data. However, it does not back up the extended hard disk drive, but connects to its own computer in the form of network sharing. It's a mistake. Because the LAN Dao program that infects the computer will find all connected drives and shared networks, and it will also encrypt where files exist.

The best example is using a method that some people call the 3-2-1 rule. Save at least 3 copies and 2 different forms, and store at least 1 copy to the copy or offline.

Four Not so far, maybe lucky. Even so, from time to time, the makers of Landao weir will perform an error in their encryption algorithm and decrypt the documents that have not paid the hostage.

These criminals have experienced security companies taking advantage of this vulnerability in some versions of the island's free decryption toolbar. Most of them were long island developers who quickly removed their mistakes and changed the new version.

The security researchers found on long island that the monitoring server used by the author is completely different from the encryption key used by users for free.

Most security companies block the payment of hostage prices. Because of the cost, the attacker not only did not guarantee to provide the decryption key, but also led to the criminal behavior.

If you don't know what's going to happen in the future, if you don't create a copy of the files, you will bury those files on the ground one day. If these documents are important to the work and sensitive to the recovery time, they can only pay the hostage value, and can only abide by the words of the criminals themselves.

Five Only prevention is the best, the island's clothing programs are multi-channel. Most commonly, malicious e-mails containing text documents that hide macro code, web sites installed by hackers, or malicious advertisements are distributed. In addition, in many cases, it is installed by other malicious code programs.

It is very important that the most common security software be kept up to date Especially the operation system, browser and flash player, adobe reader, Java, Silverlight, etc.

The macro execution in the unconfirmed document cannot be executed in the sent file. Confirm whether the attached file has code. In particular, those who don't show up should check the email carefully and don't open the attachment.