today is the anniversary of pearl's attack.

Posted by santillano at 2020-02-15

It's a day of remembrance

The attack on Pearl Harbor took place on 7 December 1941. This is the first attack on US territory since 1812. 2343 Americans were killed in the attack and 916 are missing. The attack was a precaution against the United States, aimed at eliminating the U.S. Navy, Air control and subsequent hostilities in the Pacific. The attack included two air strikes from Japanese aircraft carriers.

The attack on Pearl Harbor was the main reason why the United States joined the Second World War. As a result of this attack, public opinion in the United States is very different from isolated positions. President Franklin Roosevelt said it would be a "day of eternal disgrace and Disgrace" in history. The next day, Congress announced that the United States would take military action against Japan.

Start bombing Pearl Harbor. A small boat took the crew of the U.S. Navy from West Virginia. Below)

The main U.S. Navy ship, the Arizona. Four powerful aerial bombs were hit during the Japanese air raid on the battleship. They hit the bow and penetrated several decks, then exploded in the hull, where they stored shells of major caliber and a ton of fuel. The Arizona explosion split in two and sank for a few minutes. More than 80% of the crew are still on board, about 1500.

Black smoke was rising from sinking American warships that were the targets of Japanese bombing.

During the attack on December 7, 1941, Japanese warplanes flew over Pearl Harbor. Below you can see burning American ships and American airports.

Eight miles from Pearl Harbor, pieces of a Japanese bomb broke through the car and killed civilians. According to the Navy, there are no other military facilities nearby.

Deputy admiral akiti Nagumo, left, commands the joint Navy and air force in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Born in 1886, he committed suicide in July 1944 and lost in the battle of Saipan. On the right are the commander of the Navy and Yamamoto. Yamamoto was born in 1884 in nagoka City, Niigata county. He studies at Harvard. On April 18, 1943, he was killed in an inspection flight when his plane was shot down by an American fighter.

Photo taken from the Japanese aircraft carrier "Zuikaku" before the attack on Pearl Harbor, "Nakajima" bomber took off, December 7, 1941.

USS West Virginia.

The U.S. Navy's "West Virginia" battleship, Maryland on the left and Oklahoma on the right.

Seeing a black smoke rising in the distance, the wife of an African officer heard that Mary was found. She took this picture and shouted, "look, there is a red circle on the plane, They are Japan! "The women realized that the war had begun."

The Japanese dive bomber that shot down the United States landed on the ground.

An American sailor looks at the dismembered body of a Japanese pilot who crashed into the base from the bottom of Pearl Harbor.

The body of a Japanese Army Lieutenant whose plane was shot down in an attack on Pearl Harbor buried the military honor of the American army. This picture was taken by the U.S. Navy in Washington, D.C.

(signed) Franklin Delano president of the United States of America At 15:08 on December 8, 1941, Roosevelt signed the declaration of war of the White House in Washington, D.C.:

Reports of the attack on Pearl Harbor in English and Chinese, 7 December 1941, lower Manhattan, New York.

People steal newspapers in Times Square, New York, December 7, 1941. The first runway reported the attack on Pearl Harbor - US Pacific Fleet base.

"An emergency meeting of the Japanese cabinet", released on the press tape in Times Square, New York, on December 7, 1941.

Staff of the Japanese Embassy in Washington closed the door after the White House announced that Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor.

On December 7, 1941, Japanese planes attacked a pile of ancestral metal on Honolulu street.

5-10 cents for a retailer. They look at pieces of Japanese made trinkets. The goods were destroyed by the shopkeeper after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. The poster says, "the death of the sun." This picture was taken in Milwaukee on December 9, 1941.

Mrs. Paul Titus, seven and seven years old, fire alarm. The day Ms. Titus joined the US armed forces, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. She said, "I can have a gun."