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Posted by tzul at 2020-02-17

Sili School of Mathematics

Although there are many competitions in Seoul, there are not many kinds of mathematics schools because of the place.

If we stand up to each other

As a junior, Ximei, Duoxian, soma, Baitian Dazhi, Bruno, confrontation, CMS thinking class, East Asia Institute

The BMI of advanced mathematics is 150 gruffins Research on ajiang principle CMS Royal cattle concept polyester Wait.

If it's divided into deep thinking, the ox horse 1.2 tube

If it is divided into contempt first type, cattle 1.2 official, talented mathematics, principle exploration. MSOL degree

From contempt to thinking

The place to visit is Shama CMS

If I personally want Brenner to be in the place

There's no place for me Mathematics. Where Mandarin can also be mastered together.

The CMS that senior mothers like is the fault of half of the tower class and tower class

Top class is the highest class of its own grade

Top class to be tested

Is it a free fish class?

Why 1 ~ 15 levels Generally, it starts from the top grade w 4.5 in the third grade of other colleges

Take the second best policy

Now, it is very popular for the lower grade of primary school,,

(I think we should change the system and teaching materials...)

The test was carried out at somasville School of mathematics.

Not long ago

In the audition

Giftid class (top 10%) can

Test time: about an hour.

The mathematical problem of thinking ability is 20

Test method: the dean's teacher's question about 1 hour after joining the meeting

(the Dean asks questions, the attitude of the children in the exam, the process of solving the questions,

Wait an hour for observation

After the test, the students were divided into two groups: a (g), b.c.d and admission.

Among the children a (g) and half assigned after the test, the P Class (primia class) is qualified after 3 months.

The highest level a (g) of the test is more than 80 points,

What I said after the test

Daddy! I feel like I'm going to be beaten The question is too simple

(however, use up the specified time, and then use more time, ㅠ. T)

I listen to the dean

To find the shortest way

The answer to one question is to delete it several times

Said to wipe five times

Ask the child why

The answer is too simple, isn't it? I think there should be a trap

The result of solving the problem with the dean

It seems to be meta

The focus is very good.

Charts, tables, diets and other ways of doing things are also good

Disadvantages: solve the problem, find the answer, but also write additional diet and solution process

You can write more about the food you need, but it's not like that - it's a waste of time

It's because the child uses his eyes to untie Anyone can understand

If you don't answer, it's dad's fault

The test result is 92 points. Top 1% (above 100%) of the national consumption thinking mechanics students

Several plates are all part of the subtraction. It's a mistake in calculation. It's a mistake in addition····························

(if it's easy to have problems, it's not concentrated)

A (g) grade