japan's abe cabinet's "right-wing cronies" mass moderation... further deterioration of relations between south korea and japan

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17 of the 19 cabinet members have been replaced... Deputy Prime Minister of ASU Si has only the official chief to remain in office, Lu Wuxiang, defense award, motki economic regeneration award → in the horizontal mobile environment of foreign affairs, Koizumi, 38 years old... Science award of the Ministry of culture, far right historical identification of general affairs and the opposite relations between South Korea and Japan

(Tokyo = United News) special envoy of Park Shizhen = Abe, the newly made Prime Minister of Japan, made the largest reorganization after the second centralization to resist the extreme right tendency on November 11.

This is for the flag of the constitutional amendment of the self defense force, and a new lineup was held after the Senate election in July.

However, in the past, he has promoted again the controversial figures in the false statements and strong debates on historical and territorial issues, as well as the lineup of the trusted center working with him, which has caused criticism from the "friends cabinet" and "members of the Council" on the solid quality of the cabinet.

Abe believes in Japan's prime minister [TASS = photos of joint news materials]

In particular, with the right-wing historians being reused, the relationship between South Korea and Japan, which is deepening in contradiction, will worsen.

In the ninth reshuffle of premier Abe's second term in office since December 2012, 17 cabinet fees were changed in addition to 19 cabinet ministers, including Deputy Prime Minister yasuro (TAI), chief financial officer and Shi Wei.

Foreign affairs include the economic and industrial award, the chairman of the LDP election strategy committee, the president of the government investigation and other rude Prime Minister Abe's most intimate urban beauty (everyone can have wood) economic regeneration award.

Science Award of Ministry of culture [joint news material Photo]

In science, the Ministry of culture and culture was appointed as the special assistant officer of Prime Minister Abe, and it was called the agent of the Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party of Ji Xiangqi (338333333333 year old student Tian Guangyi), who was close to his relatives.

He also advocated that, while conveying public property to the Yasukuni Shrine from the symbolic place of the Japanese imperialist war, the new science award of the Ministry of culture should recognize that the forced "Gaul" (1993) mobilized by comfort women of the Japanese army belittled the new talk against the Japanese government.

In terms of foreign affairs, the foreign minister of gaulu (madam Tai), who has raised the opposition status to South Korea in diplomacy, is used as a defense award.

The first member of Parliament was scava Le Lai Mingxiu, who was the first member of the economic industry award for export regulation policy. He has successively served as the chairman of the Finance Department of the Liberal Democratic Party, the administrative officer of the posterity labor Province, the military Shen of the Finance Department of Qingshan Province, etc.

On the 7th of last month, with Koizumi, a member of the house of Representatives and a broadcaster from Dakar gawa crystal (42 years old), they announced their marriage plan at the residence of Prime Minister Abe. [Joint Press Photo]

Koizumi's pure fabric, the second son of the prime minister, is also a member of the house of representatives in Koizumi Road (Koizumi), a famous man in Ford, promoted the environment in an all-round way.

Koizumi's new environment, in which he announced his marriage plan on July 7, was made public at the pace of right-wing politicians when he visited the Yasukuni shrine on the 15th of last month on the anniversary of the war of hegemony.

General affairs was appointed as "Gaoshi 260895";;

He was a super rightist who visited the Yasukuni shrine as a current cabinet member in 2014-2017.

Especially in May 2013, during the period of the president of the LDP government affairs investigation, he also advocated that: "I don't think it is the" talk of no family village and mountain "(1995) that invades the colonial rule and the aggressive war, and the relevant people said:" I don't think it's appropriate to say that this is aggression. ".

In addition, Wu Jina and the head of the northern territory of 277798 Weiwei were responsible for the local assistant assistant who frequently caused material discussions with nonsense.

Osaka SANA general Award [source: Wikipedia, Japan]

In 1993, when Prime Minister Abe was admitted as a member of mink Chan, the South Korean members who came to Japan in August called him "comrades" in terms of constitutional amendment and historical understanding, said that "in the past, I didn't want to travel to South Korea, so I didn't go very far" caused controversy. It has developed.

The welfare labor award will be used again by the president of katogaslov (encrypted letter) next to Prime Minister Abe from 2017 to 2018.

In this reorganization, when Premier Abe elected the party's president last year, someone who can defeat his opponent can see the support of the Secretary General.

On the other hand, among the one-way Liberal Democratic Party cadres and personnel figures of Prime Minister Abe on the same day, the head of Nika Hailu (2, 85424242 microblog) publishing house and the base turtle, and the president of Zheng Dynasty remained in office.

It was pointed out that the two members of the Liberal Democratic Party, director general nickay, who was elected on September 3, 20121, was re elected as Prime Minister Abe, who laid a long-term power layout.

It has also been analyzed that Secretary General nickai and chairman Zheng Zhizu, who represent the main factions of the LDP, remain in office to guide the artillery array of cooperation between the opposition parties in the process of promoting the constitutional reform in the future.

The chairman of the general affairs committee appointed a string of Qianmu, elected the chairman of the countermeasures committee to revise the Constitution and promote the minister.

As a retaliatory measure against the expropriation compensation judgment, the "sekcheng adult economic industry award", which dominates the export restriction policy to South Korea, was transferred to the speaker of the LDP.

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