security e-mail door, easy to miss threats are also thoroughly defended

Posted by millikan at 2020-02-17

... a solid independent bar and secure email door, evolutionary threat

Fastest detection, prevention and application: fire iMail's email tips are single solution, leading detection and defense of email threats. If the e-mail security house is merged, the organizations will minimize the deterrent influence on the company's network and employees' e-mail from the perspective of cost saving.

Ken Bagnall's deputy e-mail security manager said: "agencies rely too much on the passage of time to know what's going on. When other security solutions fail to stop e-mail threats, Through the corresponding treatment of selfish accidents, we have observed such phenomena several times. "Fire's children's complete secure e-mail latch will not only disclose the external e-mail information, but also protect the organization from e-mail attacks. Such a further development of the defense level is very important for the defense against the threat terrain that has evolved today with the increasing number of sphing, long island uniform and fake attacks. "

Defense ability of past secure e-mail gate: fire iMail imaly cutie virus, anti spam (signature) security e-mail service based on security code and other standards, while providing better defense service functions, and designing the customer company with the next one at the same time Yes

In addition, on March 19, kenebinar, deputy manager of fire kids, recently gave a brief introduction to e-mail threat trends and webinar (webinar), which explains the necessary e-mail security capabilities, can register through the home page.


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