[newspaper] "let go of the famous innocent, the unknown, the innocent and the guilty!"

Posted by millikan at 2020-02-20

If the name is well-known, then "innocent" and "unknown" are guilty " After the detention order was issued on the 14th, Seoul's voice, accused of violating the public election law and other suspects, demanded the release of the editor concerned.

In a voice in Seoul, an online newspaper on December 1 last year, Bai enzong said that the murder of EG's 5-inch nephew was suspected. The editor also uploaded a report on the private life of Park Geun hye's candidate (at the time of new netizens' candidacy), so she was prosecuted for wanting to influence the election, damaging her reputation with false facts and being detained for prosecution.

On the morning of the 24th, Bo held a press conference to ask for the release of the editor. Qiu Guang GUI

Although park is involved in doubts, it is the separate report of East Asia daily in September 2011

On the morning of the 24th, the emergency response Committee for Baen Chung's release held a press conference before the central local law of Seoul. Baen raised questions about the detention prosecution in the procuratorate and demanded immediate release. Through a press conference today, the committee heard the reasons for innocence and two reasons.

The first said: "last year's report was just a report in the South Korean newspaper that focused on the private life of Park Geun hye's candidate at the time of the general election. Park, the 5-inch nephew murder incident of EG president was reported by East Asia daily alone in September 2011, raising doubts for the first time. "Relevant reports of East Asia daily can also be confirmed on the website of East Asia daily now. Because of the report, park also stressed that: not charged.

The second said: "the detention order required by in reporter who reported similar content in the substantive review of the arrest order held on the same day, the court is" the main event in the boundary of freedom of speech, the process of investigation and the evidence collected so far, if combined, the reason for detention and the reason for detention are required. For reasons that are difficult to verify, Bain refused the arrest warrant, but the writ against the editor was issued because of the anxiety of the criminal. "

In the two cases cited by the ANC, the "danger of being committed" of the Ministry of justice for the reason of being detained by a white editor is that "although not being tried, it is determined to be a crime, but it violates the principle of criminal suspicion." it points out the illegality of detention and prosecution.

The non captain then said: "the media, including the reporter Zhou Zhenyu, should pay strict attention to this situation." in the case of being tried without detention, if freedom of speech and expression is not strongly shouted, every line of work should be based on the reformist dictatorship era in the eyes of the regime. It will come because of a report that Bain will become an editor in chief. "

Non captain finally announced that "Seoul's voice bag is a kind of editor's detention, intuitively feeling the omen of undermining democratic values, in order to protect the freedom of speech and protect the right of citizens to know and resolutely respond." "without a real investigation, innocent Bain was kidnapped by editors in prison. He stressed that the prosecutor and the judge should be condemned. "

"Prosecution exclusivism and abuse of public prosecution power"

Through a press conference, lawyer min Bian, who was debated by the editor of bainzhong, urged the sides of "the necessity of detention" and "the equivalence of detention" to point out problems and release them as soon as possible.

▲ Han Xiong, the lawyer who shows the defender's position.

"Personal detention must comply with the principle of due process stipulated in the Constitution and the criminal procedure law," said a lawyer. "Personal detention is a part of compulsory investigation, so it is a natural premise, and it needs to be necessary and qualitative."

"The prosecution has not investigated the suspected facts of the reputation damage of the candidate Park Geun hye, who was first prosecuted by the editor of the bain clan," a lawyer said in terms of the necessity of detention

Moreover, on 22 May, a full indictment was launched on the grounds that the period of detention had first expired. This is also a time that has not been investigated. From the very beginning, then, Bain had no need to detain the editor. "

In addition, the prosecution is a case of serious violation of human rights due to the editor's deprivation of the opportunity of improper and illegal detention. "At the same time, it also emphasizes the abuse of representative prosecution rights of malicious prosecution of monopoly and prosecution of wealth.".

Lawyer Han continued: "in order to detain, in order to detain, we should express to the victim" the fear that the victim may retaliate against the victim in order to detain "," but for the editor in chief, there is no worry at all ".

In addition, it also claims that "when examining the substance of the arrest order, the reason why the Ministry of justice is detained is the danger of the crime, even if the elements of the security measures can not be the reason for the detention", "considering that the detention was and is not changed at all, the restriction of this event can not be recognized".

After a lawyer launched such a theory, he could not recognize the necessity and equivalence of the detention of the editor of Bain Zhong, and abused the right of formal prosecution and the right to be tried. The responsible department must take slow release measures against the editor. It's important to do it