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Posted by santillano at 2020-02-19

Be careful, this article is too long Maybe the longest blog Because coda offers so many opportunities, I evaluated it in two complementary directions.

But coda is also an excellent database. It can also be used to manage projects like trello or zenkit So I tested a house building project in coda, which has been used in my bubble program, kantree and zenkit tests.

Finally, coda is also dozens of models that allow you to explore all the possibilities of the tool. So I've dedicated a section of this article to some models that I think are particularly relevant.

Drive a car?

1、 Basic concept of coda

In the text that created the group:

Coda is a new document type, which combines the flexibility of documents, the power of worksheets and the function of applications in a new single framework. It allows you to make doctors as powerful as apples

For those from Excel or Google sheets, the team will provide a full section of help. It is composed of four parts and can be familiar with coda structure, list, calculation and modeling“(

- Writing

The document manages the cells to be selected through the select query table, which is both dynamic and conceptual: the selected cells will be removed from the text row. In addition, these selected cells can trigger other actions, such as hiding lines or highlighting text.

Coda supports a wide range of formats, including 1-3 headings, text colors, and additional tags. On the other hand, we can't choose fonts. A good sympathy point: the possibility of inserting feelings. Or you can select the emotion icon from the menu, or simply press: track the name of the emotion icon, as slack has already done.

At the template level, every coda document can become a template. We will discuss it again in the shared area. Most importantly, the coda model library is particularly rich. Chapter four of this article deals specifically with this.

2. collection

There is no Internet clipper today. But the idea began to surround the community. On the other hand, in a document, you have four options to incorporate URL d into a web page, a little bit of a concept. So we can:

During document scanning, you can take photos with your smartphone and embed it into coda documents.

- organization

There are two levels of shortcuts. Each document can be selected and appears in the "starred" section of the home page. In each document, you can create shortcuts for areas. And then they'll show up in my video

In terms of ranking, there is now a possibility: ranking by date. There are three filters: the last time I saw the file, the last modification, or the creation date. Today (July 2019) coda did not provide a file to classify documents. But if we rely on the community's discussions, things could change.

- find out

Because the key entity of coda is documents, it does not provide global search, but only provides search in each document. Then, the search is predictive and effective. It can be traced back to content and content: the text and content that make up the document.

Coda did not recommend saving the search record, nor did it find it in the attachment.

On the other hand, in the section on search, special mention is made of filters. The power of coda comes from the database it allows you to manage. And filters

5 points

Shared functions are also functions used to create models. In fact, in a schema document, users have a copy document button that adds it to their encoding library.

As for the export format, it can be said that this is not the greatest strength of coda. You can print or copy / paste. So...

-And others

The service operates only online. You can load documents in the Sync when connection is restored But that's all. No upload

Coda can be found on all platforms through website. You can download IOS and Android applications for use on smartphones and tablets.

At the integration level, coda can quickly demonstrate the opening card. Especially the integration of zapil by 2018 And created to add local connections to more than 20 services. These include Dropbox, Gmail, Google Calendar, intercom, slack, Wikipedia, and Youtube.

Today's price is bigger. Coda is free If the team creates a paid version, she has confirmed that there will always be a free version of coda.

Here's the video checklist

I made this synopsis video

Profit – and inspection limits with coda

3、 Five examples of cooperation with coda

Recruit new employees

Loom is a video and video sharing service, we talked about in another article of this blog. They use coda to manage the reception of new recruiters. In related articles, Lauren Cunningham describes the process in coda and different parts of their reception documents. You can even access this document to see its structure. We found that:

This is an example. In the coda template, you can find another document for recruiting new employees.

Signify AI governance mode

This article is Peter Brownell's testimony that's team asked to work on their technical and organizational platforms. He explained how coda is key to its day-to-day governance process.

Coda and compost collection

Timothy Kiefer explains his process from Google editing to coda managing compost food collection.

The new system allows the person in charge of collecting information to have all the information about his smartphone.

design system

A good example is the integration of coda, figma, GitHub and slack! In the same coda document, Tim bendt can:

My personal exam Kodak - building houses

Because coda is widely used in project management, I want to apply the same virtual design as my tests in bubble plan, zenkit and kantree.

The fictional project ranges from consulting developers to completing gardens. Its "simple" version consists of about 20 tasks, divided into five phases: preliminary research, land, pre project phase, architecture and garden.

Thanks to coda, I can look at this project in four different ways:

So he's close to zenkit While providing excellent flexibility, all of these views are available at the same time and fully customizable.

I even made a video to illustrate the practice.

If you want, you can use this link to view and manipulate project files.

IV - model, the best way to cooperate with coda

Let's say now that the library model is quite large! 11 categories and dozens of very successful models. Allow me to introduce some of them. In some categories ("GTD"), there are at least five recommendations.

Choose the template that suits your needs and how you work.

project management

5. An example of docs in project management economics.

About meetings

Two examples, one of which is particularly comprehensive, because it is a popular online version of David gray ("free").

Management tasks

Coda provides some to-do lists models and even a section devoted to what David Allen does.

Using coda as CRM

Like any database, coda can very well host your client contacts and act as a free CRM.

HR part has at least 13 file formats. All aspects are included, including five recruitment documents, an organizational chart and a performance appraisal report.

Some more private Kota models

Let's finish this quick template magazine and use some documents to help your daily life.

Templates are also in each document

Recently, coda launched in doc templates, which allows you to add blocks directly to your documents. I counted more than 30 blocks

Most importantly, in English

You can create documents in the language you want. But the coda interface and all help and learning programs are in English only. At the template level, there is currently only one language available.

Learning Koda

The study is well done.

In the first part, the video course "provides five instructional tutorials on the same template: each topic has an explanatory video and a self filled file. I suggest you start with the basics

The excel conversion section will familiarize you with the similarities and differences in table processing.

Finally, YouTube has more than 60 videos. Include demonstration or document templates for specific functions. This is a good way to learn.

Join the society

The coda community is very active. It has no fewer than 6000 members, 250 of whom have been active in the past 30 days. 1700 posters in the same period

This is also a place to discover models that have not yet appeared on the home page. Therefore, Paul danyliuk shared his habit tracking file on this forum, and used the embed de coda function to bring doc directly into post.

Ask an expert

What do you think of coda?

The comments are public. Please let us know if you have tested it and which application you are from. What you've been through, what you don't like, etc