figure skater alexander smirnoff's house was watered for two weeks

Posted by barello at 2020-02-15

The roof is leaking from snow.

The endurance and patience of a champion requires a famous figure skater, Alexander Smirnoff. The next week, he eliminated the leak in his apartment on introduction street, 9.

If it used to be just a drop of water from above, then the day before, the water splashed up the wall, the athlete said. Barrel and basin for 20 minutes. A litre of water on the floor. Sports not only include all household rags, but also Olympic towels, which are given to Alexander at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Despite the best efforts, the interior decoration still failed to keep. It's not just my apartment, it's flooded the neighborhood. The water from the fifth layer has penetrated into the third layer. If the cause of the flood is not solved, he will meet the kindergarten on the second floor of the house.

According to Alexander Smirnov, the emergency team did not help. Workers say the water in the house comes not from the broken pipes, but from the roof, which is in the charge of the management company. It is not helpful to ask for help from local community service personnel.

"Wrote a statement. They said the application was accepted. I said, what if the application is accepted? I have this Don't worry. Sent to the 1 Housing Authority in Petrograd, where they made it clear to me that my action was to wait, as they said, for the spring.

Alexander Smirnov believes the leak was caused by snow, not from a cold roof. The melted water first went into the attic and then from there into the athletes' apartment. Alexander Smirnov and his partner, Kawaguchi Junko, were multiple winners of the world cup, And two European champions.

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