the incident of incheon foreign high school held by president wu ban

Posted by fierce at 2020-02-18

A kind of Huang baogenshi, President of the private east of the Ministry of human resources and space

After the gate of the Warring States and Wei Dynasty, one day, all the officials were invited to have a banquet, and they were happy to say, "anyone who doesn't drink will have a drink?" All the ministers agreed to the proposal. But Wen Hou first violated that rule. Therefore, Kong Sun, the administrator who hosted the leading role, put the wine cup behind the door and made a contribution. The posterity didn't take the cup, so the posterity said. In reply, it is a proverb of "back car circle", but it is a lesson that draws people's attention to the precedent. If your Highness has made a statute now, leaving behind the precedent of non-compliance, who will abide by it? I heard that Wen Hou soon accepted the respectful words and accepted the cup. Moreover, since then, the kunsun Buddhists have been reused.

On April 24, due to the violation of collective action and obedience obligations and other reasons, the situation of Incheon foreign high school, in which two teachers were removed, was a long-term harassment on April 130, which increased the conflict between students' victims and school members, and fell into a fog. After the end of summer vacation, the first semester of regular examination ended, and the situation of Incheon Waiwai high school seemed to be faced with a solution. However, the two teachers and the whole teaching staff who were abolished on August 26 last year were involved in the storm of disputes again. In particular, the Ministry of education carried out the same command and communication measures to the headmaster of renchuanwai high school in the case of dismissal of the headmaster required by Shenxing college, the legal person of the school, which led to the accident of renchuanwai high school falling into an endless quagmire.

Why did the incident of high school outside Incheon happen, which can't be solved in the long run? The fact that students are discriminated in the order of achievement through the high price point deduction system outside Incheon, the introduction of student punishment, the introduction of superior class operation and other students has been well known by the media. In addition, in the classroom, the retrial Committee of the Ministry of education is unilaterally excluded. In the case proposed by the retrial Committee of the Ministry of education, this is the case. The president's opinionated view is that the undemocratic operation of bachelor's degree has foreshadowed the same situation as now. Teachers who point out problems for the sake of a reasonable and democratic operation of bachelor's degree, instead, act collectively, According to the scale of disobeying the obligation of obedience, in the heavy punishment of "recall", the accidents outside Incheon can only be involved in the vortex that cannot be captured. For the "cancellation" and "principal retirement" requirements of students, parents and teachers over four months, consortia and principals still lack the "Prohibition of approaching false punishment" to hinder the work crime, and 21 teachers are detained.

Schools cannot be owned by individuals or private property. Wen Hou accepts the respectful people's cup. With his own regulations, the country can be stable. The school should reflect the opinions of the students and teachers who teach the host. No matter how excellent the principal's philosophy is, the school ignores the opinions of students and teachers. In the opposite direction, the school has lost the function of normal education. Here is the clue to solve Incheon high school. As the headmaster of Mingxin female high school, the former headmaster of surgery high school apologized to the teachers, students and parents, voluntarily dismissed them, and further improved the prestige of Incheon bridge. Moreover, the release and recall of the three teachers who are now detained. When the two teachers and their respective presidents were removed from their posts and reinstated, waigaojiang of Incheon became a stage power generation school. If the Secretary later refused Mrs. Kong Sun's cup, what was the state of Wei? The former headmaster of Incheon foreign high school has collected all kinds of opinions from teachers and students from the beginning to run the school together. What is Incheon foreign high school like now?

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