jizhou specialty university defends the "goldfish" of "fengyu" and "korean current xiongzhi"... suspicious in the sea

Posted by fierce at 2020-02-16

This winter, the high temperature in the Korean Peninsula continued to change the map of an'yu in the East China Sea. The catch of fish like idiots, Yang Meili, Du LUMO and other "fishermen" was discharged to the sea, which led to Yongde Yuzhen book being caught more "sight"

This winter, the high temperature along the Korean Peninsula continues, and the fishery map of the East China Sea is changing.

The coast of Jeju Island is mainly captured for defense to Weizhen and the coast of England and Germany. In the East China Sea, Korean current fishes such as the autumn swordfish and the mingtaiyu have disappeared.

The water temperature in the East China Sea is 12-16 ℃, that in the South China Sea is 12-18 ℃, and that in the West Sea is 4-12 ℃ 12 ℃, according to the National Academy of Fisheries of the Ministry of marine fisheries on Tuesday. The temperature in the East China Sea is 1-3 ℃ higher than that in previous years, and that in the South China Sea is 1-1.5 ℃. The sea water in the west is deep and low, with the lowest temperature in winter. This year, it is 1.5 ℃ higher than the previous year.

Especially in the central part of the East China Sea, such as jiangyuandaozhuwenjin and Weijin, the temperature is 3 ℃ higher than that of the previous years.

Different from the changes of track and field temperature, the rise of sea water temperature of 1 ℃ is the rapid growth of seaweed and other marine ecosystems have changed greatly, which is worrying about the disturbance of marine ecology.

According to the analysis of the Academy of Fishery Sciences, this winter, because there is no cold current temperature and the water temperature has not dropped, the representative warm current caused to our country, the marijuana warm current, maintains a strange force.

Due to the water temperature in the south of the Arctic cold, the cold current has hardly appeared since December this year. Between our country and the Arctic, the jet stream is cut off.

Due to the high coastal temperature in the central part of the East China Sea, it is expected that a variety of physical phenomena, such as marijuana warm current and vortex, are compound. At present, in addition to China, there is such a high temperature in the North Pacific coast.

The abnormal climate caused by the rising temperature of sea water directly hits the fishermen. In winter, the catch of Korean current fish, such as saury and catfish (bear), yangmeili and taomo, decreased significantly. The fishing boat gave up its speech this winter because of the vibration.

When drinking tea in sea water, there are a lot of good varieties, and Hainan Province in the south gets half of them with expert temperature.

The "winter defense" which is considered to be a special product of Jeju has been caught more in the area of Weijin and Yingde in the East China Sea of North Qingbei.

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