understand the defense system of north korea's chengguo in the later period. beihanshan chengguo college

Posted by lipsius at 2020-02-15

To understand the defense system of Chengguo in the later period of North Korea, and to promote Chengguo college in the mountains of North Han

A kind of From July 8, Beihan mountain city Chengguo College started with "there is still a flow of wind and rivers in Beihan mountain city" A kind of Starting from June 24, the application will be accepted through the homepage of Gyeonggi culture consortium, with 50 people in each episode in order A kind of Reconsider the function of the mountain city of the northern Han Dynasty through song kuibin's donation of "Fengquan relic"

The Gyeonggi and Gyeonggi cultural heritage groups are aimed at adults who are interested in cultural heritage and history, and the applicants for the program of "the flow of mountains and rivers in the northern Han Dynasty" of the 2019 Academy Awards of the northern Han mountain city and the city of FengChuan are successively gathered.

The name of song Kui Bin's triumphant book on military issues in the Korean political era. "North Han mountain city and the flow of wind and rivers" is helpful to understand the city defense system of North Han mountain city in the late period of Korea and the reality and problems of the mountain city defense system after the 18th century.

In particular, akadami plans to visit the program together with experts, so participants can easily see the history and significance of the North Han mountain city.

The programme will be held three times in July in the first and second half of the year and three times in October in the next. If 50 people can participate in each episode, you can apply after confirming the specific schedule.

The participants are ordinary adults. Starting from June 24, the application can be made through the website of the competition culture Consortium (wwwwww. GCF. KR). The participation fee is free. Recruitment for the second half of the year (October) will take place in mid September.

Park Chung Da, director of Gyeonggi Road Cultural Heritage section, said: "we hope to broaden our understanding of cultural heritage through the historical materials which are hard for experts to access at ordinary times and through the opportunities that experts can understand through their explanations.

The mountain city of the northern Han Dynasty is No. 162 of historical records, which was designated as a national cultural heritage on December 5, 1968. The total area is 494516 square meters, 353922 square meters (72%) in zhonggaoyang and 140594 square meters (28%) in Seoul. The total length of 11.6km is 8km in zhonggaoyang city and 3.6km in Seoul city.

■ 2019 schedule of "North Han mountain city and flow direction of wind and rivers" of Chengguo College of North Han mountain city (the first half of the year)