what is skype? how to use skype for free

Posted by deaguero at 2020-02-17

Skype is a service that allows you to call and chat freely through the web. There are many people in the world because there are so many countries and regions corresponding. It is the preeminent existence of the free telephone that can be done through the Internet, and it is used for many people now.

In this article, I will introduce more about Skype.

Bing Web: Skype

Skype is a web tool that can be used for free if you have instant messages (ChAT), voice calls and video calls. In addition to general operating systems such as MacOS, windows, Android, Linux, and so on, it is used for many generations of the world including business use and private use because it supports many equipment such as game machine and wearable equipment. More detailed devices will be described later.

Skype (Skype)?

Skype is Skype (Skype) with the exception of "sky peer to peer". The original candidate was SKYPER (sky PAR), but there was a history that Skype (Skype) was adopted because the domain could not be acquired.

It was acquired by Microsoft Corporation in 2011 after the acquisition and the sale were repeated, and it has been acquired by sky technology company of Luxembourg. So you can sign in on Microsoft account.

In the past, there has been a partnership with Buffalo, excite, Rakuten communications and personal services, but we are now focusing on business use.

Skype (Skype) features

If you are Skype

Voice call, instant message group

You can use it for free. You can also call a fixed phone or cell phone.

Business use is also available.

For example:

You can access a meeting with a maximum of 250 people, a video conference, or a conference using the Office (such as PowerPoint, outlook), whiteboard function, and access from any device

In addition, it is a convenient system which can utilize Microsoft's app which is utilized in many companies. Votes and QA can take advantage of the functions of instant messaging without meeting the conference room.


Although Skype users can call for free, they can communicate with both telephone and mobile phone.

There are six different types of phone charges.

Purchase of Skype credit card Call: 850 yen / month / worldwide unlimited call (not available for Japanese mobile phones): 1675 yen / month / Japanese call and fixed phone

In this way, it is a mechanism that can be used for the purpose by the plan suitable for purpose.

Video calls

If you are a Skype user, you can also group 1 / 5 video calls. You can enjoy video calls for mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc.

Instant message

Users of Skype can send messages, emoticon and images for free. There is also a short video clip that collects movies and movies.

Skypeid (Skype eye)?

There are several ways to skip skins. There are a list of "Skype names, emails, or phone numbers" and "sign in on facebook accounts". I introduce four kinds of sine in.

Skype (skypeid): when you register for the first time Skype: username mail to be created at the Microsoft account: the ID number you are using on the Microsoft account: phone number Facebook account you can receive: Facebook ID

You can log in by registering four of the above. In particular, you need to be careful not to forget the mail and phone numbers when you don't know the skid ID.

How to check skypeid

If you don't know the skid ID, you can check it in the following way.

If you want to check the skid ID in the state of sign in, click on the profile or the name of the profile on the app or on the web to see the skid ID below the name.

If you want to confirm that you are not able to sign in the skid ID, please click on the email address or phone number that has been registered It is OK to choose the one.

Basic usage of Skype

Skype is available in various ways.

Desktop app: windows, MacOS, Linux browser, and outsmart enhancements and smartphone apps: Android, iPhone, windowsphone, blackberry, Amazon fire phone, iPod touch tablet: iPad, Android, Kindle, windows, etc. xboxone, apple watch, Android warning

Headset may be necessary separately for the call, but basically available for all of the above devices.

Therefore, it is convenient for the smart phone, the text message is easy to input PC, tablet, smart phone.

Calling method

Basically, it is convenient to use it with smart phone or tablet if you call in Skype. Because it is not necessary to prepare a headset like PC or television.

If you make a call in Skype, you can take a contact by adding "contact" to your opponent from your opponent's Skype ID or email address.

When the partner is a fixed phone or a mobile phone, the above plan or credit is purchased, and the telephone number is input and the telephone is made. Voice calls and video calls are the same, but video calls are only available if you use Skype. It is very convenient to use video calls.

Message method

There are two ways to send instant messages to Skype and how to send SMS to your mobile phone.

If you have a Skype in the case of Skype, you can get ready to send the message by adding "contact add" to your opponent's Skype ID or email address. After that, it is the flow of writing a message group and writing the "+" mark on the contact screen.

If you want to send it to your phone, click "Skype" on the chat box to display SMS. You can send messages and send them almost the same way.

Let's use Skype!

In this way, Skype is free to call and chat, of course. Also, Skype is a very useful web tool because the call to the fixed phone is also available in a cheap fixed price system. It is easy to use only by registering from an application such as a smart phone and a web site. Please try it once.