[comment] hd black box make-up t30 emphasized by "bucket defense"

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Jin yingyu November 16, 2015

[it East Asia Jin yingyu reporter] the HD class vehicle black box, which once sold at a high price, is now in the stage of popularization. Even so far last year, there are 300000-400000 won products, and now they are the main force of 200000 won. However, in this case, dozens of enterprises have appeared the full HD black box, some of which are a little inadequate in product quality.

Black box this is not a product that simply raises the feeding value. Stability or durability, post management level equal to or above. In this sense, the channel 2 HD black box "faine T30" to be introduced this time is a product worthy of attention. In the domestic market of IT equipment for vehicles, the price of digital products with very thick thin bones is about 200000 won (the minimum network standard). Based on the existing beauty series, the appearance of the product with stability and security function is added.

Product design emphasizing stability

The overall design or product composition is different from the general 2-channel black box. For the front camera, the full HD level (1920 x 1080 year old resolution / 20 frames per second) is based on a 5 megapixel CMS sensor. The two orange LEDs for warning are the focus of their respective design.

In particular, there is a little gap between the edge part of the contact lens cabinet and the body. If you look carefully, you can see the chessboard and wiring clearly. At the beginning, we misunderstood that the end of the product was not full. It turned out that this is a heat proof area for heat emission prevention, which is an intention. Anyway, I won't look at the comprehensive black box, but this design is praiseworthy.

The 3.5-inch LCD at the back of the front camera has good touch and field of view. His physical operation is just the left power switch, but the touch screen is not inconvenient. As a reference, if the power switch is pressed short, it also has the function of emergency recording.

Maximum 64GB memory card support and scalability

There is a micro SD card slot under the power switch. It supports up to 64GB of SDHC specifications. It was written in the current instructions and home page instructions in November 2015. 64GB is not SDHC, but SDXC specifications. It is estimated to be a mark error. According to the manufacturer's inquiry, 64GB SDXC has been applied for, and the reply to correct the marking error in the near future can be heard.

The connection interface at the upper end of the body includes the power port and the USB port connected to the rear camera, as well as the external GPS connection port and video output port (external display or navigation connection, etc.). In particular, if the external GPS (satellite media) is connected, not only the video data in the track, but also the coordinates of video recording can be recorded. This is a more accurate analysis of traffic accidents. Some insurance companies have to install black boxes of GPS to give discounts on insurance premiums. Of course, GPS cannot be installed.

Simple travel service of rear unit is also in support

The rear unit is a USB port connected to the HD class (1280 x 720 resolution, 20 frames per second) camera and the front unit, as well as a simple structure composed of red LED external display. The camera part can adjust the up and down camera angle, which is different from the other 2-channel black box with the rear unit.

In addition, the supporting components include the front unit installation, double-sided tape and marketing cable for towing attachment, rear group connection cable, cable finishing converter's Micro SD card (according to the model 16GB or 32GB). The black box itself has a low-voltage blocking function, so there is no need for another blocking voltage cable. The shape of GPS or SD card captain, SD card connecting cable and so on are different, so additional purchase is required.

As a reference, through the online shopping center, in order to specially purchase products for consumers, business travel services are being carried out. For channel 1 products, 30000 yuan will be paid. For channel 2 products, 40000 yuan will be paid. Therefore, in the case of beaut 30, 40000 yuan can be used for business trip service.

An intuitive menu structure for simple control of necessary functions

Have a look at the outline of the product, now it's time to get on the train in person. After the installation, put in the power supply, it will quickly complete the 10 second startup and start shooting. Of course, if it is connected to the situation that the chief exhibitor is shooting in the parking, there is no time to shoot directly.

From the composition of the LCD in the shooting, it is basically possible to see the front image and the rear video at the same time on a single screen, and only confirm the front video, or just confirm the rear video or screen off status. Of course, even if the screen goes out, it will continue to record.

The composition of the configuration menu for adjusting various functions is different from the previous make-up series. Front and rear settings, memory management, system adjustment, regeneration mode, configuration information and other very necessary functions. The front setting can adjust the brightness of the captured image. Recently in vehicles, there are also many sunscreen situations on the full glass, so it is better to improve the video brightness in this case. However, there is no video brightness adjustment function in the rear setting, but the basic value itself is fixed. Recently, most of the vehicles are cut at the back.

Paine beaut30 provides most of the recent black box video functions, such as main video, shock perception activity video, parking perception video, emergency video, etc. In the memory management menu, the memory area of these videos is set according to the user's orientation, providing six types of freedom.

If it's a general driver, the ratio of driver: activity: emergency shooting camp is type A with 20:50:20:20:20:20 points, especially for drivers with long parking time, type B with 20:60:10 ratio is better to save video.

There is no frequent format, which increases the service life of the memory card

In addition, in the memory management menu, you can activate the memory card format and periodic memory format. The memory card written in the black box is read and written frequently, so it needs to be formatted periodically to increase its life.

As a reference, the "format" technology that can maintain the memory card life without periodic formatting. Therefore, compared with the ordinary black box, it is not necessary to format the memory card frequently, but there is also a suggested periodic Format menu to reassure those skilled users.

On the other hand, it plays directly or cannot be edited on PC or smartphone. Because formatting is not a fat file system used in windows or androdes. Therefore, if you want to confirm the storage of video, you can download it from the manufacturer's website using the black box's own regeneration menu or the T30 special browser of computer software, and then plug the memory card into the Internet bar.

Video shooting cannot be confirmed directly in the Internet bar or smartphone. Use T30 special beauty device

The computer uses T30 special beauty player to confirm and delete the front and back images recorded. When playing the video, you can confirm the sign of the perceived impact chart at that time, as well as the map coordinates (when GPS is installed for the outside).

Avi files extracted from beauty player can be converted to multi player and back

If it's a disadvantage of the formatting system, as mentioned before, you can't play files directly by plugging in a memory card on a general computer or smartphone. The function of T30 special blog also includes video files (AVI, Tat specifications) that read data stored in memory card from ordinary computer or smartphone. The avi files extracted in this way can be played through bear player, MX player and other computers or smartphones. Especially the recommended ones are podcasts. Because the program can provide the function of comprehensive video and subsequent video saved in a file at the same time.

Faithful response to low voltage, high temperature and power interruption

The function of improving stability is also more faithful. When the alcohol vehicle mode is used, the automatic blocking function of automatically turning off the black box power supply can be set between 11.6v and 12.2v if the battery power voltage of the vehicle battery is below a certain level, It is not the voltage but the start-up time standard. You can specify a time between 6 and 60 hours to set that the power supply is cut off.

In addition, when the temperature of the product exceeds a certain level, it also has the function of automatically cutting off the power supply to protect the product. According to the user's settings, if the temperature exceeds 60-70 ℃, the LCD will go out, and if the temperature reaches 70-80 ℃, the black box system itself will shut down. Useful features for summer parking.

As a reference, the driving state lasts for several seconds when the power supply is completely broken. This is because, inside, there are super cards that store daily power. Because of an accident, if the power of the black box is cut off, the video files captured in that instant may not be completely saved, but Paine beaut30 will also reduce this concern.

The secret mode of external blocking hand is simple in principle but surprisingly effective

The "secret mode" with a security related function is also one of the characteristics of beauty T30. According to the manufacturer's instructions, the external lady is close to the contents of the black box and prevents arbitrary changes to the recorded contents or various settings. In fact, using this function is not a security solution like encrypting files, but a simple function that you can enter the password when you directly enter the configuration menu.

If you cannot enter the configuration menu, you cannot change the settings of the black box or use the play menu, so you cannot confirm the saved file or delete it. However, it is impossible to take out the memory card in the black box or plug it into the Internet bar, or delete files.

Of course, it's not that this feature isn't useful. When the accident just happened, the victim was close to the victim's black box, and tried to make data changes, or used improper methods and equipment in vehicle repair, and then tried to prevent traces after making black box files. Because it works.

Moreover, the accident is really big, and the driver can't start at all. If the memory card is blocked on the Internet cafe, it may also become an obstacle factor in analyzing the accident. In short, the security structure of the secret mode is quite simple, but its usefulness is better than expected.

Keep good frame ability and excellent reading ability

Not so bad in function, what's the most important video shooting performance? In fact, it took a few days to run with a vehicle equipped with point T30. Moreover, confirmed the weekly video, the result is good. At one glance, although the whole video has some sharp and rough feelings, it is thanks to the excellent performance of the details of each obcest, especially the good judgment of the number plate. The angle of view that affects the shooting range is 135 degrees in all respects, and about 115 degrees in the rear.

In particular, due to the video recording of 20 frames per second, compared with the high-priced products supporting 30 frames per second, the dynamic performance of high-speed driving may decline, but it shows good quality unexpectedly. In fact, the most important thing is to keep the minimum framework.

Especially in the case of some black boxes, there is no stable minimum frame in the case of very intense picture movement, so this phenomenon may also occur in the case that all images in a specific area are omitted, and there is no stable shooting. On the rear image of HD level, although the texture is rough compared with the front image of Full HD level, the total characteristics are similar to the front image. The number plate reading ability is not bad.

Only. Maybe it's because the setting of thick sunscreen formed on the front glass of the vehicle used in the test, even in the setting of the black box, even with the maximum improvement of the video, the video shot at night looks a little dark. But the number plate judgment ability which was praised during the week's shooting is also better than expected at night. It's biased Although I want to test it again on the vehicle that has not been fully cut, it's a pity that it can't be like that.

... products differentiated by stability and security functions

Printing digital beauty T30 can be said to be the latest HD class black box popular image. Although the numerical conjecture is not in line with other high-priced products, in fact, it will play a role no less than its applicability.

Although there is no advanced additional function such as WiFi linkage function or lane separation function, the format function of extending the memory card life and the high temperature sensing function of preventing product damage. In order to prevent the sudden power supply blocking, the stability maintenance related functions of superkpartter, etc. are faithful, which are simple and effective security functions to prevent outsiders from deleting videos or changing secret modes.

The biggest framework in video quality is not high, but the maintenance ability of the framework itself is excellent, especially the excellent reproduction ability is impressive. In November 2015, the lowest online price was the benchmark, with 253000 won for 16GB models and 273600 won for 32GB models.