kt flag 5g security enhancement in communication industry

Posted by deaguero at 2020-02-16

Input 09:00, September 29, 2019

Recently, 5g mobile communication network infrastructure has been developing rapidly, and there is a hacker threat against IOT infrastructure. This is the background that the communication industry is forced to strengthen 5g security.

According to the communication industry, KT will set up a "gigastealt" platform for IOT security solutions based on block chains and provide demonstration services.

According to IHS Road, a market research firm, the world's IOT equipment will reach 120 billion by 2030. According to the analysis of KT Economic Operation Research Institute, the loss of domestic IOT hackers will reach 2.670 billion won by 2030.

With the arrival of 5g era, the whole of daily life and network connection, IOT security will become more and more important. The popularization of independent driving in 5g era is representative. The autonomous driving vehicle communicates with the IOT set on the parking lot road by 5g network.

If hackers drive by themselves, internal data operation, communication obstruction, malignant code infection, remote word making will also cause misoperation. In particular, the operation of the brake or steering wheel is unpredictable. In the end, it can threaten the driver's life and cause great confusion in the society.

In addition, as time goes by, IOT machines directly connected to 5g network will be further increased than those via WiFi. Communication companies have the hot spot of fixed 5g mobile phones and the trend of 5g supporting household instruments, so 5g IOT instruments will be more vulnerable to hackers.

The gas commonly used in KT this time is the "invisible IP" technology that allows hackers not to see the IP address of IOT terminals and the "intelligent network control" technology that enables song Xinzi, who confirms his identity in KT block, to communicate with IOT terminals.

The flag will give the inherent block chain ID to all elements related to communication such as users, IOT servers, IOT terminals, issue 1 set of soil block, and provide the end-to-end of users, servers, and terminals.

Most of the IOT terminal hackers connect anonymously through the Internet, and block the hackers' connection through authentication (ID authentication and one time of Longtu authentication) in momentum 2, expecting a considerable part of IOT security threat. In addition, the invisible TV set of the flag is applicable to the network basis when the terminal has no additional equipment.

KT will launch its IOT gate for stealth TVs this year. It can be applied to many kinds of IOT systems, such as remote needle detector, card clearing machine, bus information terminal, etc. KT plans to expand its flag to wireless communication modules and software development tools outside the IOT gate.

Jin Chengzhe KT information security platform business director (Executive) said: "the flag is from the invisible phone, not only in the IOT market, but also continue to expand network security, leading the market."

At the same time, KT and SK Telecom will introduce quantum cryptography communication technology of 5g communication network to establish a secure communication foundation.

They are different from the digital technology "beat" in the "0" and "1" states. Their overlapping phenomenon generates "Q" in the "0" and "1" states as the unit of operation. Even using quantum properties (non replicable, non inverse) can't hack.

At the ITU-T meeting, KT reflected the technologies in the international standards related to quantum cryptography communication security under discussion. At present, there are 23 proposals related to secret signal communication between the two groups. In ITU-T, the future network research group SG 13 section communication security related special research group SG 17 carries out a variety of standardization work. Sk Telecom also obtained the proposal of "security structure of quantum egg water generation period" proposed by the company through international standards at ITU-T conference.