new hitachi viscous drilling machine on the test bench

Posted by barello at 2020-02-14

Test tool test on August 15, 2014

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The new Hitachi grinder tested today is part of an innovation in professional machinery.

Ds14dbel5a and ds18dbel5a: two precision engineering models

In mastering these new bits, the first feeling is slight. They all weigh less than 2 kg.

However, power and autonomic performance are hidden behind these small templates.

Because of the microprocessor which can adjust the speed and torque automatically, the viscous drilling machine is suitable for the engineering which needs to be specified. LED lighting will also make you more accurate. Finally, the mechanical handshake is facilitated by soft handshake to prevent mechanical failure.

On the battery side, both models are equipped with a second Li-ion battery, which can better withstand the charge and discharge. The power of the two models is different. Lads14dbel5a provides 14 V battery, while lads18dbel5a is 18 V battery for greater power.

The most important thing about these grinders is that there is no maintenance plan. In fact, Hitachi's innovative technology will be 5: There's another reason for us to equip!

If you want to find a professional thread drill, these models will be easier to operate to help you work better.

Find these two Hitachi grinders in the timing selection on Gedo tools

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